Family d'Alembert by EE Doc Smith
The Family d’Alembert is a series of science fiction/space opera novels based on the work of American author E.E. “Doc” Smith, but written by Stephen Goldin. Jules and Yvette d’Alembert are a brother/sister team of aerialists in the Circus of the Galaxy. But the d’Alemberts are not simply a circus act – they also work as agents for the imperial intelligence agency.

E.E. “Doc” Smith began the Family d’Alembert series with the novella Imperial Stars. It was expanded into a novel by Stephen Goldin in 1976. Goldin continued on with the series, based on “Doc” Smith’s work. The series concluded in 1985 with the novel Revolt of the Galaxy. Below is a list of E.E. “Doc” Smith and Stephen Goldin’s Family d’Alembert books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Family d'Alembert Books

(By: E.E. Doc Smith, Stephen Goldin)

Imperial Stars, Stranglers' Moons, The Clockwork Traitor, Getaway World(0)Description / Buy at
The Imperial Stars(1976)Description / Buy at
Stranglers' Moon(1976)Description / Buy at
The Clockwork Traitor(1977)Description / Buy at
Getaway World(1977)Description / Buy at
The Purity Plot(1978)Description / Buy at
Appointment at Bloodstar(1978)Description / Buy at
Planet of Treachery(1981)Description / Buy at
Eclipsing Binaries(1983)Description / Buy at
The Omicron Invasion(1984)Description / Buy at
Revolt of the Galaxy(1985)Description / Buy at

Note: Appointment at Bloodstar was also titled The Bloodstar Conspiracy.

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Family d’Alembert Synopsis: In Imperial Stars by E.E. Doc Smith and Stephen Goldin (book 1 of the series), the Empire of Earth spans more than a thousand solar systems, but it is now being threatened by a conspiracy from inside. Now, with more than three-quarters of the Galaxy ready to fall into enemy hands, the Empire is forced to call on its top-secret weapon: the renowned Circus of the Galaxy featuring the d’Alembert family, a clan of circus performers with uncanny abilities. But will this secret weapon be able to save the Empire from defeat?

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