Ben Bova's Grand Tour of the Universe
Grand Tour is a series of science fiction novels by American author Ben Bova. The novels are about space exploration throughout the solar system. Capitalism and environmentalism are two of the major themes in the series.

Ben Bova began his Grand Tour series in 1985 with the novel Privateers. The series is currently ongoing. The chronological order differs from the publication order, although it’s not exact, as some of the novels overlap. The novels can be read in any order (except for the Moonbase and Asteroid Wars sagas). Below is a list of Ben Bova’s Grand Tour books in order of when they were originally published (as well as in chronological order):

Publication Order of The Grand Tour Books

Chronological Order of The Grand Tour Books

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Grand Tour Synopses: In Mars by Ben Bova, 25 astronauts of an international Mars mission have landed on a planet with some bad weather conditions. They must face some fierce meteor showers, sub-zero temperatures and a mysterious, nasty virus.

In The Precipice by Ben Bova (the beginning of the Asteroid Wars saga), Dan Randolph was one of the richest people on Earth, but now Earth is in rough shape. Millions of lives have been destroyed. Randolph can save the planet with space’s resources, but in doing so, he may lose everything he has left – his company, Astro Manufacturing. Martin Humphries is an heir of the Humphries Trust, but he doesn’t care if Earth is destroyed, and he has the perfect plan to take over Astro Manufacturing.

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