Hendersons Boys by Robert Muchamore
Henderson’s Boys is a series of YA spy fiction novels by English author Robert Muchamore. The series is set during World War II. This spin-off series tells the story of CHERUB founder Charles Henderson, a British spy who uses children (usually orphans) to gain the advantage against the enemy.

Robert Muchamore began his Henderson’s Boys series in 2009 with the novel The Escape. The series lasted seven novels, concluding in 2013 with the novel Scorched Earth. Below is a list of Robert Muchamore’s Henderson’s Boys books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Henderson's Boys Books

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Henderson’s Boys Synopses: In The Escape by Robert Muchamore (book 1 of the series), it’s in 1940 and the German army is headed for Paris and the people are in panic. During all of this, the Germans are after two British children. A British spy named Charles Henderson wants to get to them first, but he needs a 12 year-old orphan to do it. Can using kids as undercover agents actually help with missions?

Eagle Day is the second Henderson’s Boys novel by Robert Muchamore. Hitler has taken control of France and he intends to doing the same to Britain before winter. A group of children along with British spy Charles Henderson must decide whether to head to Spain or go north in order to sabotage plans of a German invasion.

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