The Holly Barker series (also known as the Orchid series) is a series of books by American author Stuart Woods. Holly Barker is the Chief of the Police in the fictional city of Orchid Beach, Florida. The Holly Barker character also appears in other Stuart Woods books in the Stone Barrington series.

While there are five “Orchid” books, you can also include Reckless Abandon as apart of the series. Below is the order of when Stuart Woods’ Holly Barker Orchid books were originally released:

Publication Order of Holly Barker Books

Notes: Blood Orchid is continued in the Stone Barrington book Reckless Abandon. Holly Barker also makes appearances in the Stone Barrington books Dark Harbor, Shoot Him If He Runs, Hot Mahogany, Strategic Moves and D.C. Dead.

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  1. Patsaywer: 11 years ago

    Why is there not a Holly Baker Book 4?


    • Brandon: 11 years ago

      I did not include Reckless Abandon and later novels apart of other series as part of the Holly Baker series. I can add them here if it clears that up.


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