Honeywells of Kentucky by Vanessa Gray Bartal
The Honeywells of Kentucky is a series of contemporary romance novels by American novelist Vanessa Gray Bartal. The Honeywells are a family of horse breeders who go back since the 18th century in the trade. Each novel in the series covers a different member of the Honeywell family, whether it be one of the five brothers or their sister.

Vanessa Gray Bartal began her Honeywells of Kentucky series in December 2011 with Wild Stallions. The next two books would also be published before the month was over. The series concluded with the fifth book in the series, which was entitled Wild and Free and was published in January 2012. The series is edited by Rebecca Tocheff and self-published by Vanessa. Below is a list of Vanessa Gray Bartal’s Honeywells of Kentucky books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of The Honeywells of Kentucky Books

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The Honeywells of Kentucky Synopsis: The Honeywell boys are all notorious for their good looks. Most in Silver Springs think that these horsetamers will never themselves be tamed. However, Haley Griffin diverges from the popular opinion because of how close she has been with the oldest of the Honeywell brothers, Brent. He may soon find out that being tamed by a woman is the greatest adventure of all.

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