The John Pellam book series is from American author Jeffery Deaver, who wrote the series under the pseudonym of William Jefferies. It is also known as the Location Scout series.

The Location Scout series currently consists of three books published between 1992 and 2001. Below is a list of the John Pellam book series in order of when each book was published.

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Publication Order of John Pellam Books

Shallow Graves(1992)Description / Buy at
Bloody River Blues(1993)Description / Buy at
Hell's Kitchen(2001)Description / Buy at

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John Pellam Synopsis: Having been sidetracked in his once promising film career, John Pellam works as a location scout in Shallow Graves. He travels the country looking for filming locations. Usually he finds locals dying for a little fame, but now he sees a different reception. Pellam finds himself in the middle of an unfolding drama of violence, lust and conspiracy in a not-so-perfect spot in Upstate New York.

In Bloody River Blues, John Pellam is now scouting locations in rural Missouri. In doing so, he once again finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He happens upon a shooting that results in a double homicide and one paralyzed cop. Pellam insists he has no idea who was behind it, but an attorney doesn’t buy his story. In order to get Pellam to co-operate, they’ll shut down his movie, threaten his girlfriend and keep Pellam from getting a movie made that will put him in good standing in Hollywood.

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