Lincoln Rhyme is the most popular character of American author Jeffery Deaver. The Lincoln Rhyme character is a quadriplegic detective. He has been portrayed in film by Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington in the movie The Bone Collector (co-starring Angelina Jolie), which was released in 1999.

The Lincoln Rhyme book series started in 1997 with The Bone Collector and continues to this day. Jeffery Deaver has announced that he will be coming out with a Lincoln Rhyme novel every other year – alternating with his new Kathryn Dance series.

Below is a list of Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series in order of when the books were published:

Publication Order of Lincoln Rhyme Books

The Bone Collector (1997) |
The Coffin Dancer (1998) |
The Empty Chair (2000) |
The Stone Monkey (2002) |
The Vanished Man (2003) |
The Twelfth Card (2005) |
The Cold Moon (2006) |
The Broken Window (2008) |
The Burning Wire (2010) |
The Kill Room (2013) |
The Skin Collector (2014) |
The Steel Kiss (2016) |
The Burial Hour (2017) |
The Cutting Edge (2018) |
A Perfect Plan (2021) |
The Midnight Lock (2021) |

Publication Order of Lincoln Rhyme Short Stories/Novellas

A Textbook Case (2013) |
Rhymes With Prey: Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport (2014) |
The Deliveryman (2016) |

Note: Rhymes with Prey also features Lucas Davenport and was written with John Sandford.

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Lincoln Rhyme Synopses: The main character of The Bone Collector is a forensic scientist named Lincoln Rhyme, who his peers regard as “the world’s foremost criminalist.” Rhyme has uncanny reasoning skills along with a considerable selection of gadgets which he will need to solve the case of a serial killer. He is also a quadriplegic and only has the use of one finger. The Bone Collector was adapted into the 1999 film.

In The Coffin Dancer, three witnesses to a murder could be the key to putting a big-time arms dealer behind bars. When one of them is killed in a airplane bombing, only Lincoln Rhyme is able to keep up with the killer. With the help of Amelia Sachs, can Rhyme track the culprit throughout Manhattan?

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