Kathleen Mallory is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction/mystery novels by American author Carol O’Connell. As a child, Kathy Mallory witnessed the murder of her mother, which left her emotionally scarred. She leaves home for New York City, living on the streets there. She is caught trying to steal by a cop, who takes her in as a foster child. Mallory is described as a sociopath.

The Kathleen Mallory series began in 1994 with the novel Mallory’s Oracle – O’Connell’s debut. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Carol O’Connell’s Kathy Mallory books in order of when they were first published (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Kathleen Mallory Books

Mallory's Oracle(1994)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Man Who Lied to Women / The Man Who Cast Two Shadows(1995)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Killing Critics(1995)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Flight of the Stone Angel(1997)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Shell Game(1999)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Crime School(2002)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Jury Must Die /Dead Famous(2003)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Winter House(2004)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Find Me / Shark Music(2006)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
The Chalk Girl(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
It Happens in the Dark(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Blind Sight(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Notes: The Man Who Lied to Women was also published as The Man Who Cast Two Shadows. Flight of the Stone Angel was re-published as Stone Angel. The Jury Must Die is also titled Dead Famous. Find Me is also known as Shark Music.

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