Kingdom Trilogy by Robert Low
The Kingdom Trilogy is a series of historical fiction novels by Scottish novelist Robert Low. The series is set during the Scottish War of Independence, during the time of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. However, the series focuses on the fictional character of Sir Henry Sientcler. “Hal” (as he’s called) is the only son of the lord of Herdmanston.

Robert Low began his Kingdom Trilogy series in 2011 with the novel The Lion Wakes. It was followed up in 2012 with the novel The Lion at Bay. Finally, in 2013, The Lion Rampant was released. Below is a list of Robert Low’s Kingdom Trilogy books in order of when they were originally publishyed (which is the same as their chronologicial order):

Publication Order of Kingdom Trilogy Books

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Kingdom Trilogy Synopsis: The Lion Wakes is the first book in Robert Low’s Kingdom series. The year is 1296 and Scotland is in turmoil. The old king, Alexander III, has died after falling off his horse one dark and stormy night. Scotland’s future is in peril. Edward I of England, desperate to keep control of his northern borders, arranges for John Baliol, a weak man who Edward knows he can control, to take leadership of Scotland. But unrest is rife and many are determined to throw off the shackles of England. Among those men is Robert the Bruce, darkly handsome, young, angry and obsessed by his desire to win Scotland’s throne. He will fight for the freedom of the Scots until the end.But there are many rival factions and the English are a strong and fearsome opponent. The Lion Wakes culminates in the Battle of Falkirk which proves to be the beginning of a rivalry that will last for decades…

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