Oathsworn by Robert Low
Oathsworn is a series of historical fiction novels by Scottish author Robert Low. The series title comes from the name of the Oathsworn Viking ship – a crew which young Orm Rurikson has joined. The crew is full of tough, hard men whose loyalties lie only to themselves and are bound by an oath made under the eye of Odin.

Robert Low began his Oathsworn series in 2007 with his debut novel, The Whale Road. Below is a list of Robert Low’s Oathsworn books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Oathsworn Books

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Oathsworn Synopsis: The Wolf Sea by Robert Low is the second book in the Oathsworn series. Young Orm Ruriksson, the Bear Slayer, and the surviving Oathsworn find themselves in Constantinople with nothing but an old sword, having tasted the possibility of untold riches in Attila the Hun’s funeral mound. Worse, they are Vikings without a ship. But the sword was Attila’s and it is priceless, and only Orm can read the runes on the hilt that will lead them back to his treasure.Disaster befalls the young warrior when he is ambushed in a darkened alley, the precious sword wrenched from his hands by ruthless villains sent by his old enemy, Starkad. And unless Orm can win back the sword, his short tenure as leader of the Oathsworn could be over. The Oathsworn pursue Starkad and his men across the middle-east, become pawns of Emperors, and fight cruel Saracens and bands of ghoulish escaped slaves. For Orm the burden of failure is death, whilst success will bring the possibility of riches beyond his wildest dreams.

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