The Last Stand by Brenda Novak
The Last Stand series is a series of romantic suspense by American author Brenda Novak. The Last Stand is a victims’ charity organization based in Sacramento that attempts to help the victims of various crimes after they have been attacked.

Brenda Novak began her Last Stand series in 2008 with the novel Trust Me. The series concluded in 2009 with the sixth novel in the series, The Perfect Murder. Below is a list of Brenda Novak’s Last Stand books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of The Last Stand Books

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The Last Stand Synopsis: Trust Me is the first book in the Last Stand series by Brenda Novak. Therapist Eve Elliot is a wife and mother, but she has a dark past that she is keeping hidden. Will she reveal her secret or allow a man to take the heat for something he didn’t do. Corinne Elliot is the only redhead in a brunette family, is shy and fearful of many things, but she’s found happiness… until she sees her mother’s picture on TV. Corinne must now confront her secrets and look to the one woman who knows the truth – a woman who has disappeared.

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