Mark Beamon by Kyle Mills
Mark Beamon is the protagonist in a series of political thriller novels by American novelist Kyle Mills. Mark Beamon is a FBI Special Agent who is considered to be a maverick and sent off to a post where he can’t bother anybody… until the FBI comes calling, at least.

Kyle Mills began his Mark Beamon series with his own fiction debut, which is the novel Rising Phoenix. The novel was published in 1997. Below is a list of Kyle Mills’ Mark Beamon books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Mark Beamon Books

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Mark Beamon Synopsis: Rising Phoenix by Kyle Mills is the first novel starring FBI Special Agent Mark Beamon. Beamon is a maverick in the Bureau and holds disdain for his superiors and their rules, and thus has been exiled to a post in the middle of nowhere. Now, when a questionable extremist right-wing group starts filling up the emergency rooms with dying people, Beamon must go back to DC where he’s teamed up with a cold woman partner and tasked with the duty of stopping these bodies from piling up.

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