Monk by Lee Goldberg
Monk is a series of television tie-in mystery novels by American author Lee Goldberg and Hy Conrad. The novels are based on the comedy/drama series starring Tony Shalhoub that ran for eight seasons for a total of 125 original episodes. The title character’s full name is Adrian Monk (played by Shalhoub), who worked for the San Francisco Police Department until his wife was killed in a car bombing that he believed was meant for him. This incident caused him to have a breakdown (amplifying his OCD), leading to him eventually working as a private detective.

The Monk TV tie-in series began in 2006 with the novel Mr. Monk Goes to the Fire House. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of the Monk books in order of when they were first released (which is also their chronology):

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Publication Order of Monk Books

(By: Lee Goldberg, Hy Conrad)

Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse(2006)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii(2006)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk and The Blue Flu(2007)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk and The Two Assistants(2007)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk in Outer Space(2007)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk Goes to Germany(2008)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk is Miserable(2008)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop(2009)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk in Trouble(2009)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out(2010)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk on the Road(2010)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk on the Couch(2011)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk on Patrol(2012)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk is a Mess(2012)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk Gets Even(2012)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk Helps Himself(2013)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk Gets on Board(2014)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk is Open for Business(2014)Description / Buy at
Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant(2015)Description / Buy at

Note: Mr. Monk Helps Himself and Mr. Monk Gets on Board were written by Hy Conrad. All other Monk novels thus far were written by Lee Goldberg.

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Monk Synopsis: Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse by Lee Goldberg is the first book in the Monk series. Monk’s house is being fumigated and he’s looking for a place to stay. His assistant, Natatlie, and her daughter offer to let him stay over… but their house isn’t quite as clean as Monk would be comfortable with. Meanwhile, a firehouse’s dog dies mysteriously on the same night as a fatal house fire, giving Monk a mystery to solve.

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  1. Mojave Son: 10 years ago

    I love the Mr. Monk series and have read them all. But I think the books written by Lee Goldberg are better than the ones by Hy Conrad.


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