Mountain Majesty by John Killdeer
Mountain Majesty is a series of western/historical fiction novels written under the house name of John Killdeer. The series follows a frontiersman trapper by the name of Cleve Bennett, his Cheyenne wife Second Son and their son Billy-Wolf on adventures across the western frontier.

John Killdeer began the Mountain Majesty series with the novel Wild Country in 1992. The series lasted eight novels, concluding in 1995 with the novel The Savage Land. Below is a list of John Killdeer’s Mountain Majesty books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Mountain Majesty Books

Note: The final two books of this series were written by David Robbins.

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Mountain Majesty Synopses: Wild Country is the first book in the Mountain Majesty series by John Killdeer. In the time of Lewis and Clark, Cleve Bennett is a young 19 year-old who thinks he’s killed his own father, mistakenly. In reaction, he leaves home in order to start a new life as a western mountain man.

In The Untamed by John Killdeer (book 2 of the series), Cleve and wife Second Son ride alongside the untrustworthy Jules Terrebonne to the Northwest Territories. Their goal is to hit new riches, and survive.

Book 5 of John Killdeer’s Mountain Majesty series is entitled Passage West. Trapper Cleve Bennett and his Cheyenne wife must cross a perilous land full of primitive Indian tribes and unscrupulous trappers. But Cleve is up for any challenge in order to make his destination.

In the final book of the Mountain Majesty series, The Savage Land by David Robbins (written as John Killdeer), trapper/frontiersman Cleve Bennett, his Cheyenne wife Second Son and their son Billy-Wolf have been attacked by renegade Chipewyans who are looking to make the family into their slaves.

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