Naomi Blake by Jane A Adams
Naomi Blake is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by British novelist Jane A. Adams. Naomi Blake is an ex-policewoman who is now blind. She is based in the Midlands of England.

Jane A. Adams began her Naomi Blake series in 2002 with the novel Mourning the Little Dead. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Jane A. Adams’ Naomi Blake books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Naomi Blake Books

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Naomi Blake Synopses: Mourning the Little Dead by Jane A. Adams is the first book in the Naomi Blake series. 12-year-old Helen Jones disappeared on her way to school over two decades ago. Not even a trace of her has ever been found. But now a confession in a sealed envelope has turned up in a dead man’s possessions. Naomi Blake was Helen’s best friend and the last one to see her alive. They had quarrelled and Naomi has never forgiven herself. Now blinded and an ex-policewoman, she sets out with Helen’s brother to uncover the dusty truth behind Helen’s vanishing.

Touching the Dark is the second book featuring Naomi Blake by Jane A. Adams. Tally Palmer is a successful international photographer, and a famous one at that. When she abruptly breaks off a relationship with Simon Emmet, no one – except Simon himself – is very surprised. But Simon is devastated – and increasingly obsessed with Tally. He blames someone called ‘Jack’, a mysterious figure from Tally’s past. Simon’s parents are so concerned about their son that they ask for help from their old friends Alec and Naomi. As Simon’s precarious mental state deteriorates, they are drawn into a volatile situation more complex – and dangerous – than they could ever expect…

In Heatwave by Jane A. Adams (book 3 of the series), a heatwave has been dominating the news for weeks. One ordinary Monday, Naomi and her friends are in a high-street bank when an armed gang storm it. When police show up, Naomi becomes one of their hostages. During the next few days, tensions rise as the situation grows fraught with danger, and the extreme heat intensifies…

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