The Op-Center series is a series created by American authors Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik and written by Steve Perry. This division of the FBI was first alluded to in the Op-Center novel Games of State. There is also a young adult spin-off called Tom Clancy’s Net Force Explorers.

The Net Force series begun in 1999 with ten novels being published up until 2006. Below is the order in which Tom Clancy’s Net Force books were published in:

Publication Order of Tom Clancy's Net Force Relaunch Books

Net Force (By: Steve Perry)(1998)Description / Buy at
Hidden Agendas (By:Tom Clancy,Steve Perry)(1998)Description / Buy at
Night Moves (By:Tom Clancy,Steve Perry)(1999)Description / Buy at
Breaking Point (By:Tom Clancy,Steve Perry)(2000)Description / Buy at
Point of Impact (By:Tom Clancy,Steve Perry)(2001)Description / Buy at
CyberNation (By:Tom Clancy,Steve Perry)(2001)Description / Buy at
State of War (By:Tom Clancy,Larry Segriff,Steve Perry)(2003)Description / Buy at
Changing of the Guard (By:Tom Clancy,Larry Segriff,Steve Perry)(2003)Description / Buy at
Springboard (By:Tom Clancy,Larry Segriff,Steve Perry)(2005)Description / Buy at
The Archimedes Effect (By:Tom Clancy,Larry Segriff,Steve Perry)(2006)Description / Buy at
Net Force: Dark Web (By: Jerome Preisler)(2019)Description / Buy at
Eye of the Drone (By: Jerome Preisler)(2020)Description / Buy at
Attack Protocol (By: Jerome Preisler)(2020)Description / Buy at
Kill Chain (By: Jerome Preisler)(2021)Description / Buy at
Threat Point (By: Jerome Preisler)(2021)Description / Buy at
Moving Target (By: Jerome Preisler)(2022)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Net Force Explorers Books

Virtual Vandals (By: Diane Duane)(1998)Description / Buy at
The Deadliest Game (By: Bill McCay)(1998)Description / Buy at
One is the Loneliest Number (By: Diane Duane)(1999)Description / Buy at
The Ultimate Escape (By: Marc Cerashi)(1999)Description / Buy at
End Game (By: Diane Duane)(1999)Description / Buy at
Cyberspy (By: Bill McCay)(1999)Description / Buy at
The Great Race (By: Bill McCay)(1999)Description / Buy at
Shadow of Honor (By: Mel Odom)(2000)Description / Buy at
Private Lives (By: Bill McCay)(2000)Description / Buy at
Safe House (By: Diane Duane)(2000)Description / Buy at
Gameprey (By: Mel Odom)(2000)Description / Buy at
Duel Identity (By: Bill McCay)(2000)Description / Buy at
Deathworld (By: Diane Duane)(2000)Description / Buy at
High Wire (By: Mel Odom)(2001)Description / Buy at
Cold Case (By: Bill McCay)(2001)Description / Buy at
Runaways (By: Diane Duane)(2001)Description / Buy at
Cloak and Dagger (By: John Helfers,Russell Davis)(2002)Description / Buy at
Own Goal (By: Diane Duane)(2002)Description / Buy at
Death Match (By: Diane Duane)(2003)Description / Buy at

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Notes: Virtual Vandals, One is the Loneliest Number, End Game, Safe House, Deathworld and Runaways were co-authored by Diane Duane. The Deadliest Game, The Great Race, Cyberspy, Private Lives, Duel Identity and Cold Case were co-authored by Bill McCay. One is the Loneliest Number and The Ultimate Escape were co-authored by Steve Pieczenik. Shadow of Honor, Gameprey and High Wire were co-authored by Mel Odom.

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