The NUMA Files is a series of books by adventure novelist Clive Cussler and co-authored by Paul Kemprecos and Graham Brown. The main character is Kurt Austin, who is the Team Leader of NUMA’s Special Assignments divisions. Characters from Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series (including Pitt himself) also appear in The NUMA Files.

“NUMA” stands for National Underwater and Marine Agency. Cussler has actually founded the real-life version of NUMA, which is a non-profit organization, rather than the fictional version that is a government agency. Below is a list of Cussler’s The NUMA Files in order of when each novel was published:

Publication Order of NUMA Files Books

Note: The NUMA Files books were all co-authored by Paul Kemprecos until Devil’s Gate. Since Devil’s Gate, the series has been co-authored by Graham Brown.

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The NUMA Files Synopsis: Serpent is the first book in the NUMA Files series by Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos. Some of the world’s best archeologists are being killed and butchered at dig sites and it’s up to Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala to find out why. During their investigation, they come across some startling artifacts that indicate that Christopher Columbus was not the first explorer from the Old World to visit the New World.

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