Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller by Todd Borg
Owen McKenna is the protagonist in a series of mystery/thriller novels by American author Todd Borg. Owen McKenna is a former San Francisco homicide investigator, but a tragedy caused him to give up his position in order to start a new life in Lake Tahoe. Once he moved there, he started up shop as a private detective. He lives with his Great Dane named Spot in a log cabin on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Other characters include his girlfriend Street Casey and friends Sergeant Diamond Martinez, reporter Glenda Gorman and police commander Mallory.

Todd Borg began his Owen McKenna series in 2001 with the novel Tahoe Death Fall. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Todd Borg’s Owen McKenna books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Owen McKenna Books

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Owen McKenna Synopsis: Tahoe Ice Grave by Todd Borg is the third Owen McKenna Tahoe Mystery novel. During the winter, a young man from Hawaii walks naked into Lake Tahoe. He brings the secret of a lost manuscript by Mark Twain that he left in Hawaii while he was there in 1866. A killer is on the hunt for the manuscript and will do whatever it takes to retrieve it. The manuscript may have ended up in Tahoe, another place Twain visited, and has a curse on those who come in contact with it. There is only one person who knows where it is, and Owen and Spot have to find that person before the wrong person (the killer) is able to. They must pursue the killer through a blizzard, up a mountain into a cave, where a battle to the death will occur.

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