The Pendergast series is a series of thriller novels by American novelists Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The books are named after the title character Aloysius Pendergast, an FBI agent. The series is largely divided into sub-series, with trilogies and direct sequels within the series.

The Pendergast series began in 1995 with Relic, which was adapted into a film in 1997 called The Relic. Below is the order of Preston & Child’s Pendergast series:

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Publication Order of Pendergast Books

(By: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child)

Relic(1995)Description / Buy at
Reliquary(1997)Description / Buy at
The Cabinet of Curiosities(2001)Description / Buy at
Still Life with Crows(2003)Description / Buy at
Brimstone(2004)Description / Buy at
Dance of Death(2005)Description / Buy at
The Book of the Dead(2006)Description / Buy at
The Wheel of Darkness(2007)Description / Buy at
Cemetery Dance(2009)Description / Buy at
Fever Dream(2010)Description / Buy at
Cold Vengeance(2011)Description / Buy at
Extraction(2012)Description / Buy at
Two Graves(2012)Description / Buy at
White Fire(2013)Description / Buy at
Blue Labyrinth(2014)Description / Buy at
Crimson Shore(2015)Description / Buy at
The Obsidian Chamber(2016)Description / Buy at
City of Endless Night(2018)Description / Buy at
Verses for the Dead(2018)Description / Buy at
The Strange Case of Monsieur Bertin(2019)Description / Buy at
Crooked River(2020)Description / Buy at
Bloodless(2021)Description / Buy at
The Cabinet of Dr. Leng(2023)Description / Buy at
Angel of Vengeance(2024)Description / Buy at
The Strange Case of Monsieur Bertin is short story from the Preston/Child website.

Notes: Brimstone, Dance of Death and The Book of the Dead are considered the Diogenes Trilogy. Fever Dream, Cold Vengeance and Two Graves are the Helen Trilogy.

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  1. Eileen Carman: 5 years ago

    I really enjoy the Playaway audio books of this series. The stories are complicatted but thoroughly interesting.


  2. kkeitht90: 10 years ago

    Got totally hooked on Pendergast ! Can’t wait for the next one to come out. I have everyone at work hooked too.


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