Roger The Chapman by Kate Sedley
Roger the Chapman is the protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by British novelist Kate Sedley. Roger the Chapman has given up a monk’s cell in exchange for the ability to peddle his wares on the road as a chapman. The series is set during the late 15th century in England.

Kate Sedley began her Roger the Chapman series in 1991 with the novel Death and the Chapman. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Kate Sedley’s Roger the Chapman books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Roger The Chapman Books

Death and the Chapman(1991)Description / Buy at
The Plymouth Cloak(1992)Description / Buy at
The Hanged Man / The Weaver's Tale(1993)Description / Buy at
The Holy Innocents(1994)Description / Buy at
The Eve of Saint Hyacinth(1995)Description / Buy at
The Wicked Winter(1995)Description / Buy at
The Brothers of Glastonbury(1997)Description / Buy at
The Weaver's Inheritance(1998)Description / Buy at
The Saint John's Fern(1999)Description / Buy at
The Goldsmith's Daughter(2001)Description / Buy at
The Lammas Feast(2002)Description / Buy at
Nine Men Dancing(2003)Description / Buy at
The Midsummer Rose(2004)Description / Buy at
The Burgundian's Tale(2005)Description / Buy at
The Prodigal Son(2005)Description / Buy at
The Three Kings of Cologne(2007)Description / Buy at
The Green Man(2008)Description / Buy at
The Dance of Death(2009)Description / Buy at
Wheel of Fate(2010)Description / Buy at
The Midsummer Crown(2011)Description / Buy at
The Tintern Treasure(2012)Description / Buy at
The Christmas Wassail(2013)Description / Buy at

Note: The Hanged Man is also titled The Weaver’s Tale.

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Roger The Chapman Synopsis: In Death and the Chapman by Kate Sedley (book 1 of the series), politics are complex in 1471 and the war between the Yorkist and Lancastrian factions is ongoing. Roger the Chapman has recently given up a monk’s cell to be found peddling his wares on the open road. That is, until he gets caught up in the strange disappearance of Clement Weaver.

In The Plymouth Cloak by Kate Sedley (book 2 of the series), medieval sleuth Roger the Chapman is summoned by Richard, Duke of Gloucester, to head out on a mysterious mission that could change the future of England.

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