Rogue Warrior is a series of books by American author Richard Marcinko, co-authored by John Weisman and Jim DeFelice. The series starts off with his memoirs and then turns into a fiction series based on his military career.

The Rogue Warrior series started in 1992 with the autobiographical Rogue Warrior. The fictional series began in 1994 with Red Cell. Below is a list of Richard Marcinko’s Rogue Warrior series in order of when the books were originally released:

Publication Order of Rogue Warrior Books

(By: Richard Marcinko, John Weisman, Jim DeFelice)

Notes: The first book in this series, Rogue Warrior, is a non-fiction autobiography of Richard Marcinko. Nonetheless, as it is considered part of the series, we have included it here.

Ending with Detachment Bravo, the books are co-authored by John Weisman. Starting with Vengeance, the series is co-authored by Jim DeFelice.

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