Dreamland is a series of techno-thriller novels by Dale Brown and co-author Jim DeFelice. Dreamland is a testing facility for the most advanced aerospace technology anywhere and is located in the Nevada desert.

The series takes place in the same universe as Dale Brown’s main series, the Patrick McLanahan series. Many of the characters and technology from Brown’s other novels are mentioned. Brown started this series in 2001 and has come out with a new book just about every year. Below is the order in which Dale Brown’s Dreamland books were published.

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Publication Order of Dreamland Books

(By: Dale Brown, Jim DeFelice)

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Dreamland Synopses: Nerve Center is the second book of Dale Brown’s Dreamland series. Politicans are looking to slash the budget, but an Air Force Colonel must keep the ANTARES program going. The program is designed to merge electronics with a pilot’s sub-conscience.

Razor’s Edge is the third book of Dale Brown’s Dreamland series. Designed at Dreamland, the Razor is a mobile chemical laser that can hit a target 600 kilometers away. It can take out anything in the air.

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