The Saga of Recluce is a series of fantasy novels by American author L.E. Modesitt, Jr. The series is about the changing, often confrontational, relationship between the genetic descendants of two technologically advanced cultures, representatives of which have been marooned on a sparsely inhabited world and regressed to the level of the existing inhabitants’ primitive technology. Some of the themes dealt with in the series are gender stereotypes, sexism, ageism, racism, ethics, economics, environmentalism and politics.

The Saga of Recluce began in 1991 with The Magic of Recluce. The series is currently ongoing. Although we have provided both the publication and chronological orders, Modesitt himself strongly recommends that the series be read in its publication order. Below is a list of L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s books in order of when they were originally released (as well as in its chronology):

Publication Order of Saga Of Recluce Books

The Magic of Recluce (1991)Amazon UK |
The Towers of the Sunset (1992)Amazon UK |
The Magic Engineer (1994)Amazon UK |
The Order War (1995)Amazon UK |
The Death of Chaos (1995)Amazon UK |
Fall of Angels (1996)Amazon UK |
The Chaos Balance (1997)Amazon UK |
The White Order (1998)Amazon UK |
Colors of Chaos (1998)Amazon UK |
Magi'i of Cyador (2000)Amazon UK |
Scion of Cyador (2000)Amazon UK |
Wellspring of Chaos (2004)Amazon UK |
Ordermaster (2005)Amazon UK |
Natural Ordermage (2007)Amazon UK |
Mage-Guard of Hamor (2008)Amazon UK |
Arms-Commander (2009)Amazon UK |
Cyador's Heirs (2014)Amazon UK |
Heritage of Cyador (2014)Amazon UK |
The Mongrel Mage (2017)Amazon UK |
Outcasts of Order (2018)Amazon UK |
The Mage-Fire War (2019)Amazon UK |
Fairhaven Rising (2021)Amazon UK |

Chronological Order of Saga Of Recluce Books

Magi'i of Cyador(2000)Amazon UK |
Scion of Cyador(2000)Amazon UK |
Fall of Angels(1996)Amazon UK |
The Chaos Balance(1997)Amazon UK |
Arms-Commander(2009)Amazon UK |
Cyador's Heirs(2014)Amazon UK |
Heritage of Cyador(2014)Amazon UK |
The Mongrel Mage(2017)Amazon UK |
Outcasts of Order(2018)Amazon UK |
The Mage-Fire War(2019)Amazon UK |
Fairhaven Rising(2021)Amazon UK |
The Towers of the Sunset(1992)Amazon UK |
The White Order(1998)Amazon UK |
The Magic Engineer(1994)Amazon UK |
Colors of Chaos(1998)Amazon UK |
Natural Ordermage(2007)Amazon UK |
Mage-Guard of Hamor(2008)Amazon UK |
The Order War(1995)Amazon UK |
Wellspring of Chaos(2004)Amazon UK |
Ordermaster(2005)Amazon UK |
The Magic of Recluce(1991)Amazon UK |
The Death of Chaos(1995)Amazon UK |

Notes: The Fires of Paratime was re-published as The Timegod in 1993.

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  1. Merry Greenleaf: 4 years ago

    Oh please tell me that there’s going to be another book in the Mongrel Mage/Outcasts of Order set?? PLEASE!!! I hope to learn more about the work Beltur and Jessyla are going to do in Haven!


  2. Nicholas Klimek: 7 years ago

    Unless the chronological order has been verified by Mr. Modesitt, I think a couple books aren’t in the correct place


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