Schooled in Magic is a series of fantasy novels by Scottish author Christopher G. Nuttall. The series follows Emily, a teenager who has been taken from the everyday world into one of magic by a necromancer. Luckily, a sorcerer is there to help her, but soon she realizes she has powers of her own…

Christopher G. Nuttall began his Schooled in Magic series in 2014 with the title novel of the series. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Christopher G. Nuttall’s Schooled in Magic books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Schooled in Magic Books

Schooled in Magic(2014)Description / Buy at
Lessons in Etiquette(2014)Description / Buy at
Study in Slaughter(2014)Description / Buy at
Work Experience(2014)Description / Buy at
The School of Hard Knocks(2015)Description / Buy at
Love's Labor's Won(2015)Description / Buy at
Trial by Fire(2015)Description / Buy at
Wedding Hells(2015)Description / Buy at
Infinite Regress(2016)Description / Buy at
Past Tense(2016)Description / Buy at
The Sergeant's Apprentice(2017)Description / Buy at
Fists of Justice(2017)Description / Buy at
The Gordian Knot(2017)Description / Buy at
Graduation Day(2017)Description / Buy at
Alassa's Tale(2018)Description / Buy at
The Princess in the Tower(2018)Description / Buy at
The Broken Throne(2018)Description / Buy at
Cursed(2019)Description / Buy at
Mirror Image(2019)Description / Buy at
The Artful Apprentice(2020)Description / Buy at
Oathkeeper(2020)Description / Buy at
Little Witches(2020)Description / Buy at
The Right Side of History(2021)Description / Buy at
The Face of the Enemy(2021)Description / Buy at
Void's Tale(2021)Description / Buy at
Child of Destiny(2021)Description / Buy at
The Demon's Design(2023)Description / Buy at
The Apprentice Mistress(2024)Description / Buy at

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Schooled In Magic Synopsis: Schooled in Magic is the first book in the series of the same name by Christopher G. Nuttall. Emily is a teenage girl pulled from our world into a world of magic and mystery by a necromancer who intends to sacrifice her to the dark gods. Rescued at the last moment by an enigmatic sorcerer, she finds out that she possesses magical powers and must go to Whitehall School to learn how to hone them. There, she learns the locals believe that she is a “Child of Destiny,” someone whose choices might save or damn their world… a title that earns her both friends and enemies. A stranger in a very strange land, she may never fit into her new world… and the necromancer is still looking for her. If Emily can’t stop him, he might bring about more destruction than imaginable.

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