Seal Team Seven by Keith Douglass
SEAL Team Seven is a series of action-adventure/military fiction novels written under the house name of Keith Douglass. The series follows the team known as SEAL Team Seven as they battle the Iranians, Serbs and German and North Korean terrorists.

William H. Keith wrote the first novel in the series, titled Seal Team Seven, which was published in 1994. He would also write the next two novels in the series, Specter and Nucflash. Subsequent novels in the series were written by other authors under the same house name. The series ran for 22 novels, concluding with the novel Under Siege, which was published in 2005 (eleven years after the first novel of the series). Below is a list of Keith Douglass’ SEAL Team Seven books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of SEAL Team Seven Books

(By: Keith Douglass, Chet Cunningham)

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SEAL Team Seven Synopsis: Seal Team Seven by Keith Douglass (William H. Keith) is the first novel in the Seal Team Seven series. Lt. Blake Murdock and his unit are off on a dangerous mission where they must recover a Japanese freighter from some Iranian terrorists who had hijacked it. What makes the mission so deadly is that the freighter has nuclear fuel onboard.

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