The Silent Service by H Jay Riker
The Silent Service is a series of military fiction novels by H. Jay Riker (William H. Keith). The series is based around submarine warfare.

H. Jay Riker began The Silent Service series in 2000 with the novel Grayback Class, which was actually written by William H. Keith’s brother J. Andrew Keith. Bill Keith’s first novel in the series would be the second, entitled Los Angeles Class. Each novel in the series is named after a class of U.S. submarine. The author has indicated that he is open to continuing the series in the future. Below is a list of H. Jay Riker’s Silent Service books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Silent Service Books

Note: The novel Grayback Class was actually written by J. Andrew Keith, not H. William Keith.

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The Silent Service Synopsis: Los Angeles Class by H. Jay Riker (William H. Keith) is book 2 of The Silent Service series. When an impressive Russian submarine appears off the Kamchacka Peninsula, Commander Tom Gorden must send an elite group of Navy SEALs into Russian waters in order to combat the sub. Is there a spy within the ranks of the U.S. forces that is leading these men to their doom?

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