Simeon Grist by Timothy Hallinan
Simeon Grist is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by American novelist Timothy Hallinan. Grist is an overeducated private investigator based in Los Angeles. His previous career was that of a UCLA English professor.

Timothy Hallinan began his Simeon Grist series in 1989 with the novel The Four Last Things. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Timothy Hallinan’s Simeon Grist books in order of when they were originally released (as well as in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Simeon Grist Mystery Books

The Four Last Things(1989)Description / Buy at
Everything But the Squeal(1990)Description / Buy at
Skin Deep(1991)Description / Buy at
Incinerator(1992)Description / Buy at
The Man With No Time(1993)Description / Buy at
The Bone Polisher(1995)Description / Buy at
Pulped(2017)Description / Buy at

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Simeon Grist Synopsis: The Four Last Things is the first Simeon Grist novel by Timothy Hallinan. Simeon Grist, who previously taught English at UCLA, is now a private eye. Grist becomes interested in a woman he is hired to follow, but she is murdered shortly after, and Simeon soon learns that he was hired by an impostor. He then goes on his own to look into the New Age church called the Church of Eternal Movement. As he gets closed, he is threated, beaten and becomes involved in a murder.

In Incinerator (book 4 of Timothy Hallinan’s Simeon Grist series), a well-off man is set on fire by a pyromaniac who is attacking Los Angeles’ homeless population. Simeon Grist becomes determined to catch the psychopath and put a stop to him.

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