Staircase in Surrey by JIM Stewart
A Staircase in Surrey is a series of contemporary novels by Scottish novelist J.I.M. Stewart (aka Michael Innes). The novels are set in a fictional college in Oxford University (where the author once studied). The “staircase” in the title refers to the students’ rooms in the college. The novels focus on Duncan Patullo, a playwright, who tells the story in first-person narration.

J.I.M Stewart began his A Staircase in Surrey quintet series in 1974 with the novel The Gaudy. The final novel of the series was Full Term, published in 1978. Below is a list of J.I.M. Stewart’s A Staircase in Surrey books in order of when they were originally published (as well as in chronological order):

Publication Order of Staircase In Surrey Books

The Gaudy(1975)Description / Buy at
Young Pattullo(1975)Description / Buy at
Memorial Service(1976)Description / Buy at
The Madonna of The Astrolabe(1977)Description / Buy at
Full Term(1979)Description / Buy at

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A Staircase in Surrey Synopsis: The Gaudy by J.I.M. Stewart (book 1 of the quintet) starts out at an Oxford annual dinner that the Fellows hold for past members. Duncan Patullo is now able to attend, and so he can catch up with both friends and enemies from his undergrad years. As the night goes on, Duncan is caught up in many of their problems, such as Lord Marchpayne, a Cabinet Minister, and Gavin Mogridge, who wrote his memoirs of travelling to the jungles of South America. Patullo, however, has his own problems. He’ll get even more the next day, which cause him to take stock of his past as well as his future.

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