Storm For All Seasons by Jaci Burton
Storm For All Seasons is a series of erotic romance novels by American novelist Jaci Burton. Each novel in the series follows a different member of the Storm clan, including Aidan Storm, Shannon Storm, Kaitlyn Storm and Logan Storm. The series is connected to Jaci’s Devlin Dynasty series through the novel Fall Fury.

Jaci Burton began her Storm For All Seasons series in 2004 with the novel Summer Heat. Each novel follows a different character and thus is a standalone story, although all of the books are connected. Below is a list of Jaci Burton’s books in order of when they were first published (as well as in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Storm For All Seasons Books

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Storm For All Seasons Synopsis: In A Storm for All Seasons by Jaci Burton, the Storm family of New Orleans has had a special connection with the weather. Aidan Storm uses these powers when it fits his needs, such as heating up the sheets with bed with whatever girl he happens to be with. Then he meets Melissa Cross, who is from Boston and feels out of place in Louisiana, working with the Storm family. When strange occurrences start happening when she’s around Aiden, she becomes curious.

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