Whidbey Island by Geri Krotow
Whidbey Island is a series of contemporary romance novels by American author Geri Krotow. Each novel in the series follows a different story of a Navy serviceman’s romance. The books can be read in any order.

Geri Krotow began her Whidbey Island series in 2012 with the novel Navy Rules. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Geri Krotow’s Whidbey Island books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronlogical order):

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Publication Order of Whidbey Island Books

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Whidbey Island Synopsis: Navy Rules by Geri Krotow is the first book in the Whidbey Island series. Wounded in action, Commander Max Ford returns to a naval base on Whidbey Island to recover. Part of his treatment involves working with a therapy dog – a dog that belongs to the widow of his best friend. Winnie Armstrong and Max were close immediately following her husband’s death, but they drifted apart, until that one night two years ago when friendship turned to passion… Now he’s even more shocked to learn that Winnie has been keeping a secret from him. A baby girl… and it’s his. It’s even more important he heal so he can be a part of his child’s life – and Winnie’s. Because all the attraction that pulled them together that one night is still there and only intensifying…

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