Order of Tara Grayce Books

Tara Grayce is an author of YA fantasy and romantic fantasy novels. She writes the Elven Alliance series. When she’s not writing, Tara spends her time renovating her century-old farmhouse. She also enjoys playing with her dog. (more…)


Order of Darlene Tallman Books

Darlene Tallman is an American author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance novels. She writes the Poseidon’s Warriors series. She likes to write about “perfectly imperfect” people who fall in love. Her goal is that her books will make people both think and feel. (more…)


Order of Clare Chase Books

Clare Chase is an English author of mystery novels. She writes the Eve Mallow series. Clare grew up in the Midlands of England, and studied English at London University. Clare is interested in what drives people, and how fierce emotions can escalate the mundane into crime. When she’s not writing, Clare enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys art, architecture, cooking, and reading. (more…)


Order of Niklas Natt och Dag Books

Niklas Natt och Dag is a Swedish author of historical fiction novels. He writes the Jean Mickel Cardell series. Niklas is a member of the oldest surviving noble family in Sweden. If he’s not working on his next novel or reading, Niklas enjoys playing the guitar, mandolin, violin, or the Japanese bamboo flute, shakuhachi. (more…)


Order of Alex Scarrow Books

Alex Scarrow is an English author of crime fiction, alternative history, science fiction, and thriller novels for adults, young adults and children. He writes the DCI Boyd, Ellie Quin, Last Light, and TimeRiders series. Alex was a rock musician, but decided against pursuing it further when he figured he would never get a record deal. He went on to be a graphic artist, and then video game designer. He moved onto screenwriting, but ended up turning his screenplay into the novel A Thousand Suns. He is the brother of fellow novelist Simon Scarrow. (more…)


Order of Aileen Fish Books

Aileen Fish is an author of historical romance novels. She writes the Bridgethorpe Brides series, and is a USA Today bestselling author. When she isn’t writing, Aileen enjoys quilting and watching auto racing. She has two daughters. Aileen also writes naughtier romance novels as Ari Thatcher. (more…)


Order of Kristen Bird Books

Kristen Bird is an American author of thriller, suspense, and mystery novels. She is a USA Today bestselling author. Kristen has lived all across the United States, but considers herself a southerner. She teaches high school English as a day job, and finds time to write in coffee shops. Kristen lives outside Houston, Texas with her husband, three children, and dog. (more…)


OrderOfBooks May 2024 Newsletter

First, the usual quick update about my latest and greatest project, Book Notification, which now has over 43,000 authors audited and listed, nearly ten times the amount of authors on OOB. (more…)


Reader Mailbag: How Do You Read? (Physical, Digital, Audiobook)

In the April 2024 newsletter I asked readers how they read, and where they get their books from. Here are the responses: (more…)


Order of Callie Hutton Books

Callie Hutton is an author of historical romance and cozy mystery novels. She is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes the Lords and Ladies in Love, Marriage Mart Mayhem, Merry Misfits of Bath, Noble Hearts, Oklahoma Lovers, Prisoners of Love, The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle, and Victorian Book Club Mysteries series. (more…)