Order of Agent 21 Books

Agent 21 is a series of YA action-adventure/thriller novels by British novelist Chris Ryan. “Agent 21” is the title given to Zak Darke, who gets recruited by a government agency following his parents’ deaths.


Order of Alpha Force Books

Alpha Force is a series of young adult adventure novels by British author Chris Ryan. The name “Alpha” comes from each protagnists’s first name; Alex, Li, Paulo, Hex and Amber. Each teenager in the group has his or her own talents, which helps out when they’re forced to work together as a team.


Order of Code Red Books

Code Red is a series of military fiction novels for young adults by English author Chris Ryan.


Order of Geordie Sharp Books

Geordie Sharp is a fictional character created by British author Chris Ryan who appears in a series of military fiction novels. Geordie is a Sergeant in the SAS.


Order of Chris Ryan Books

Chris Ryan is a pen name to an English author who was once a British Special Forces operative and soldier. Ryan was part of the Bravo Two Zero patrol that was captured in Iraq during the First Gulf Far, alongside fellow novelist Andy McNab. Ryan was discharged from the SAS in 1994.