Order of Alex Grecian Books

Alex Grecian is an American author of historical mystery novels, and is also a comic book writer. He writes the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad series and is the co-creator of the comic book series Proof. Growing up, Alex read all the classics by authors like C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe, […]


Order of Mike Carey Books

Mike Carey is an English author of horror, fantasy and thriller novels as well as being a comic book writer and screenwriter. He writes the Felix Castor series. Mike grew up interested in comic books, which he wrote and drew for his younger brother. He studied English at St. Peter’s College, Oxford and went onto […]


Order of Walking Dead Books

The Walking Dead is a series of graphic novels and novels created by American writer Robert Kirkman and American artist Tony Moore. The focus of the series is on Kentucky police officer Rick Grimes, who along with his family and many others, must survive a zombie apocalypse. The series is set in Atlanta, Georgia. In […]


Order of Robert Kirkman Books

Robert Kirkman is an American author of post-apocalyptic horror novels, but is most famous for his work as a comic book writer. Most particularly, he is best known for creating The Walking Dead, which became a smash hit TV series on AMC. Some of the other comic book series he’s created and/or worked on include […]


Order of Queen & Country Books

Queen & Country is a series of spy/techno-thriller graphic novels and novels by American author Greg Rucka. The series follows Tara Chace, who works for the Minders – a special ops division of the SIS. The comic book series is published by Oni Press and drawn by various artists.