Order of Mythos Academy Books

The Mythos Academy is a series of YA urban fantasy novels by American author Jennifer Estep. The protagonist of the series is a 17 year-old Gypsy girl named Gwen Frost. Gwen possesses the gift of psychometry – the power to know an object’s history simply by touch. After a “minor” mishap, Gwen is sent to […]


Order of Elemental Assassin Books

The Elemental Assassin series is a series of urban fantasy novels by American novelist Jennifer Estep. The main character of the series is Gin Blanco, an elemental assassin they call the “Spider” who has the ability to control Ice and Stone. During her downtime, Gin runs a BBQ restaurant called the Pork Pit in Ashland […]


Order of Bigtime Books

Bigtime is a series of paranormal romance novels by American author Jennifer Estep. Set in the fictional town of Bigtime, New York, Bigtime features superheroes and supervillains looking for love. The series is much like a comic book without the visual aids. Each book in the series looks at a different superheroine on the search […]


Order of Jennifer Estep Books

Jennifer Estep is an American author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, both for young adults and adults. She writes the Bigtime, Elemental Assassin and Mythos Academy series. Jennifer insists that her books are not exclusively for women – fans of comics and fantasy will enjoy them as well as romance lovers. She has […]