Paul Sinclair is the main character in a series of military sci-fi novels by American novelist John G. Hemry. Paul Sinclair starts out as a junior officer aboard a military spaceship called the USS Michaelson. Sinclair serves as a legal advisor to his commanders, meanwhile coming into his own as a line officer. The series […]


John G. Hemry is an American author of military science fiction novels, many of which using the pen name of Jack Campbell. Hemry is a retired U.S. Navy officer. He writes the Stark’s War, Paul Sinclair and Lost Fleet series (as Jack Campbell). He has written over a dozen short stories that have been published […]


Joe Haldeman is an American author of science fiction (in particular, military science fiction). His most famous novel is The Forever War. He has won the Hugo and Nebula awards. Haldeman was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1967 and served as a combat engineer in Vietnam, drawing upon these experiences for several of his […]


Honor Harrington is a fictional character created by American novelist David Weber. Her full name is Honor Stephanie Alexander-Harrington and she is the featured character in his Honorverse universe – a military science fiction series. Honor is an officer in the space navy. The series is set between the years 4002 and 4022. The Honorverse […]