Order of Quinn Colson Books

Quinn Colson is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by American novelist Ace Atkins. In this hero-driven series, Quinn Colson is both an Iraq and Afghanistan vet who returns back home to Mississippi in order to fight corruption. The series mixes in dashes of western and noir. The Quinn Colson series is […]


Order of Black Books

Black is a series of hardboiled noir detective mystery novels by Russell Blake. The title character of the series, Artemus Black, is a Hollywood private investigator who can’t catch a break. He starts off the series with an assistant who mocks him, a fat cat that hates him, no romance in his life to speak […]


Order of James Ellroy Books

James Ellroy is an American author of noir crime fiction and historical mystery novels. He is best known for his unique style of prose where he leaves connecting words out and writes in short sentences. He was able to condense his novel White Jazz from 900 pages to 350 by simply eliminating verbs, rather than […]


Order of Inspector Brant Books

Detective Sergeant Tom Brant is the central character in Irish author Ken Bruen‘s Inspector Brant series. The series falls into the hardboiled and noir crime fiction genres. Tom Brant works alongside partner Chief Inspector James Roberts, policing the southeast precinct of London. Together, they will meet some of the meanest thugs, ruthless gangs and biggest […]