Order of Ruth Rendell Books

Ruth Rendell (1930-2015) was an English author of crime fiction, psychological thrillers and mystery novels. She is credited alongside P.D. James for developing the whodunit subgenre into more of a whydunit. She is best known for her Inspector Wexford series. She also writes under the pen name Barbara Vine.


Order of Patrick Bowers Books

Patrick Bowers is a fictional character created by American author Steven James. Patrick is the protagonist of The Bowers Files, a series of psychological thrillers. He is an environmental criminologist for the FBI who excels at catching serial killers.


Order of Dr. Alan Gregory Books

Dr. Alan Gregory is a fictional character created by American novelist Stephen White. The character is featured in a series of psychological thriller novels. Much like the author, Gregory is a psychologist based in Boulder, Colorado.


Order of Stephen White Books

Stephen White is an American author of psychological thrillers, in particular his Dr. Alan Gregory series. Before becoming a novelist, White got his PhD in clinical psychology and was known as an authority on the psychological effects of marital disruption. White was a colleague of fellow author Jonathan Kellerman.