Order of Cryptid Hunters Books

The Cryptid Hunters is a series of young adult science fiction/fantasy/adventure novels by American author Roland Smith. The series follows 13 year-old twins named Grace and Marty O’Hara. After moving in with their Uncle Wolfe on a remote island, they begin looking for undiscovered animals. The series is also known as the Grace and Marty […]


Order of 39 Clues Books

The 39 Clues is a multi-author series of children’s adventure novels. Among the authors of the series are Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Roland Smith, David Baldacci, Jeff Hirsch and Natalie Standiford. The series follows the brother-sister team of Amy and Dan Cahill, who […]


Order of Storm Runners Books

Storm Runners is a series of YA adventure novels by American author Roland Smith. “Storm Runners” refers to Chase Masters and his father, who race across the country chasing tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. Whenever bad weather strikes, they are in hot pursuit.


Order of I, Q Books

I, Q is a series of YA mystery novels by American novelist Roland Smith. The series follows Q (short for Quest), whose parents are famous rockstars. Q and his stepsister Angela find themselves involved with the Secret Service and the Israeli Mossad, in a world where it is very hard to tell the difference between […]


Order of Roland Smith Books

Roland Smith is an American author of young adult adventure novels and non-fiction children’s books. Before becoming an author, Roland worked as a zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo and the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. His series include I, Q, Cryptid Hunters featuring Grace & Marty, Thunder Cave and Storm Runners. Roland lives in Oregon […]