Order of Elizabeth Smart Books

Elizabeth Smart
Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986) was a Canadian novelist and poet. She grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and her family had a summer home next to future Prime Minister Mackenzie King on Kingsmere Lake. Elizabeth had a long-running affair with poet George Barker, which included her having four children. She ended up living in London, England, where she became the highest-paid copywriter in the country and worked as editor of Queen magazine. (more…)


Order of C.P. Snow Books

CP Snow
C.P. Snow (1905-1980) was an English author of literary fiction. Besides being a novelist, Snow was a physicist. He served in several positions with the British Civil Service as well as in the government. Snow was made a life peer by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957, giving him the title of Baron Snow. His series, Strangers and Brothers, follows narrator Lewis Eliot. The series took over 30 years to write. He married fellow novelist Pamela Hansford Johnson, who he had one son with. (more…)


Order of Chris Kennedy Books

Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy is an American author of science fiction and fantasy novels. Prior to becoming a novelist, Chris was a school principal and a naval aviator (with over 3,000 hours experience). He is an advisory board member of Hampton Roads Writers and a member of the SFWA. (more…)


Order of Anders De La Motte Books

Anders De La Motte
Anders de la Motte is a Swedish author of crime thriller novels. He writes the H.P. Petterson series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Anders was a police officer, and then worked as director of security of a major IT company. He now freelances as an international security consultant. (more…)


Order of Inspector DeKok Books

Inspector DeKok by AC Baantjer
Inspector DeKok is the protagonist in a series of detective fiction novels by Dutch novelist A.C. Baantjer. This Dutch detective teams up with his sidekick Vledder. The series combines the police procedural with a puzzle mystery. In Dutch, the character’s name is spelled “De Cock,” but the spelling was changed for the English translation. The series has been adapted to both film and television. (more…)


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Order of A.C. Baantjer Books

AC Baantjer
A.C. Baantjer (1923-2010) was a Dutch novelist of detective fiction novels. He wrote the Inspector DeKok series. Baantjer himself was an inspector with the Amsterdam Police for nearly four decades. Besides his DeKok novels, he wrote other fiction and non-fiction in Dutch, and wrote a daily column for a newspaper in the Netherlands. (more…)


Order of Suzanne Wright Books

Suzanne Wright
Suzanne Wright is an English author of romance and fantasy novels. She writes the Deep In Your Veins series and the Phoenix Pack series. Suzanne cannot remmeber a time when she wasn’t writing something of some sort. She has but one rule when she is writing a novel – it must have a happy ending. Besides that, anything goes. She enjoys writing what she herself would read, hoping others have a similar taste. Suzanne lives in England with her husband and two children. (more…)


Order of Cait Morgan Books

Cait Morgan by Cathy Ace
Cait Morgan is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by Welsh-Canadian novelist Cathy Ace. Originally from Wales, Cait Morgan is a professor, criminologist and an overindulgent foodie who lives in British Columbia. Although the protaginist is based in Canada, the books are set around the world. The series is great for readers who love puzzle plots. (more…)