Bill Crider is an American author of mystery, western and horror novels along with children’s books. He is best known for his Sheriff Dan Rhodes series, but has other series including the Truman Smith series. Before becoming a novelist, Crider taught English at Howard Payne University for over a decade. After that, he earned his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin. He retired in 2003 in order to dedicate his time to writing fiction.

Bill Crider became a published author in 1984, writing The Coyote Connection under the house name Nick Carter. His first novel of his own was Too Late to Die in 1986, the start of his Dan Rhodes series. Below is a list of Bill Crider’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Sheriff Dan Rhodes Books

Too Late to Die (1986)Description / Buy at
Shotgun Saturday Night (1987)Description / Buy at
Cursed to Death (1988)Description / Buy at
Death on the Move (1989)Description / Buy at
Evil at the Root (1990)Description / Buy at
Booked for a Hanging (1992)Description / Buy at
Murder Most Fowl (1994)Description / Buy at
Winning Can Be Murder (1996)Description / Buy at
Death by Accident (1998)Description / Buy at
A Ghost of a Chance (2000)Description / Buy at
A Romantic Way to Die (2001)Description / Buy at
Red, White, and Blue Murder (2003)Description / Buy at
A Mammoth Murder (2006)Description / Buy at
Murder Among the OWLS (2007)Description / Buy at
Of All Sad Words (2008)Description / Buy at
Murder in Four Parts (2009)Description / Buy at
Murder in the Air (2010)Description / Buy at
The Wild Hog Murders (2011)Description / Buy at
Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen (2012)Description / Buy at
Compound Murder (2013)Description / Buy at
Half in Love with Artful Death (2014)Description / Buy at
Between the Living and the Dead (2015)Description / Buy at
Survivors Will Be Shot Again (2016)Description / Buy at
Dead, to Begin With (2017)Description / Buy at
That Old Scoundrel Death (2019)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Sheriff Dan Rhodes Collections

(with Judy Crider)

The Blacklin County Files (With: Judy Crider) (2012)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Carl Burns Books

One Dead Dean (1988)Description / Buy at
Dying Voices (1989)Description / Buy at
A Dangerous Thing (1994)Description / Buy at
Dead Soldiers (2004)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Truman Smith Private Eye Books

Dead on the Island (1991)Description / Buy at
Gator Kill (1992)Description / Buy at
When Old Men Die (1994)Description / Buy at
The Prairie Chicken Kill (1996)Description / Buy at
Murder Takes a Break (1997)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Mike Gonzo Books

Mike Gonzo and the Almost Invisible Man (1996)Description / Buy at
Mike Gonzo and the Sewer Monster (1996)Description / Buy at
Mike Gonzo and the UFO Terror (1997)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Stanley Waters Books

(with Willard Scott)

Murder Under Blue Skies (1998)Description / Buy at
Murder in the Mist (1999)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Professor Sally Good Books

Murder is an Art (1999)Description / Buy at
A Knife In The Back (2002)Description / Buy at
A Bond with Death (2004)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Humphrey Bogart Books

We'll Always Have Murder (2003)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Ted Stephens Books

Houston Homicide (2007)Description / Buy at
Mississippi Vivian (2010)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Ellie Taine Books

Outrage at Blanco (1998)Description / Buy at
Texas Vigilante (1999)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Ryan Rides Back (1988)Description / Buy at
Keepers of the Beast (1988)Description / Buy at
Galveston Gunman (1988)Description / Buy at
Goodnight Moom (1989)Description / Buy at
Blood Dreams (1989)Description / Buy at
A Time for Hanging (1989)Description / Buy at
Rest in Peace (1990)Description / Buy at
Medicine Show (1990)Description / Buy at
A Vampire Named Fred (1990)Description / Buy at
Just Before Dark (1990)Description / Buy at
Blood Marks (1991)Description / Buy at
The Texas Capitol Murders (1992)Description / Buy at
The Girl Who Wanted to Be Sherlock Holmes (2011)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

My Heart Cries For You (1992)Description / Buy at
How I Found a Cat, Lost True Love, and Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (1995)Description / Buy at
At the Hop (With: Judy Crider) (1999)Description / Buy at
Chocolate Moose (With: Judy Crider) (2001)Description / Buy at
Death's Brother (2011)Description / Buy at
What a Croc! (2011)Description / Buy at
A Werewolf Named Wayne (2011)Description / Buy at
Cranked (2012)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Nighttime is the Right Time (1991)Description / Buy at
Raining Willie & Cranked (2012)Description / Buy at
I am a Roving Gambler (2012)Description / Buy at
Eight Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (2017)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Adventures of Wishbone Books

The Prince and the Pooch (By: Brad Strickland,Caroline Leavitt) (1997)Description / Buy at
Hunchdog of Notre Dame (By: Michael Jan Friedman,Rick Duffield) (1997)Description / Buy at
The Mutt in the Iron Muzzle (By: Michael Jan Friedman) (1997)Description / Buy at
Salty Dog (By: Brad Strickland) (1997)Description / Buy at
Be a Wolf! (By: Brad Strickland) (1997)Description / Buy at
Digging Up the Past (By: Vivian Sathre) (1997)Description / Buy at
Robinhound Crusoe (By: Caroline Leavitt) (1997)Description / Buy at
Digging Up the Past (By: Vivian Sathre) (1997)Description / Buy at
Muttketeer! (1997)Description / Buy at
The Pawlioned Paper (By: Olga Litowinsky) (1998)Description / Buy at
A Tale of Two Sitters (By: Joanne Barkan) (1998)Description / Buy at
Dog Overboard! (By: Rick Duffield,Vivian Sathre) (1998)Description / Buy at
A Pup in King Arthur's Court (By: Joanne Barkan) (1998)Description / Buy at
Moby Dog (By: Rick Duffield,Alexander Steele) (1998)Description / Buy at
Homer Sweet Homer (By: Carla Jablonski) (1998)Description / Buy at
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dog (By: Carla Jablonski,Nancy Butcher) (1998)Description / Buy at
The Last of the Breed (By: Rick Duffield,Alexander Steele) (1999)Description / Buy at
Digging to the Center of the Earth (By: Rick Duffield,Michael Anthony Steele) (1999)Description / Buy at
Terrier of the Lost Mines (By: Brad Strickland) (1999)Description / Buy at
Gullifur's Travels (By: Brad Strickland) (1999)Description / Buy at
Ivanhound (By: Nancy Holder) (2000)Description / Buy at
Huckleberry Dog (By: Alexander Steele) (2000)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Dead Man Books

Face of Evil (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2011)Description / Buy at
Ring of Knives (By: James Daniels,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2011)Description / Buy at
Hell In Heaven (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2011)Description / Buy at
The Dead Woman (By: David McAfee,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2011)Description / Buy at
The Blood Mesa (By: James Reasoner,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2011)Description / Buy at
Kill Them All (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Harry Shannon) (2011)Description / Buy at
The Beast Within (By: James Daniels,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2011)Description / Buy at
Fire and Ice (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Jude Hardin) (2012)Description / Buy at
Carnival of Death (With: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2012)Description / Buy at
Freaks Must Die (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Joel Goldman) (2012)Description / Buy at
Slaves to Evil (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Lisa Klink) (2012)Description / Buy at
Midnight Special (By: Phoef Sutton,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2012)Description / Buy at
The Death Match (By: Christa Faust,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2012)Description / Buy at
The Black Death (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Aric Davis) (2012)Description / Buy at
The Killing Floor (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,David Tully) (2012)Description / Buy at
Colder than Hell (By: Anthony Neil Smith,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin) (2013)Description / Buy at
Evil to Burn (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Lisa Klink) (2013)Description / Buy at
Streets of Blood (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Barry Napier) (2013)Description / Buy at
Crucible of Fire (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Mel Odom) (2013)Description / Buy at
The Dark Need (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Stant Litore) (2013)Description / Buy at
The Rising Dead (By: Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Stella Green) (2013)Description / Buy at
Reborn (By: Phoef Sutton,Lee Goldberg,William Rabkin,Lisa Klink,Kate Danley) (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

Dark Destiny II: Proprietors of Fate(1991)Description / Buy at
Truth Until Paradox(1994)Description / Buy at
Dark Destiny(1994)Description / Buy at
Partners in Crime(1994)Description / Buy at
How the West Was Read, Volume 2(1996)Description / Buy at
White House Horrors(1996)Description / Buy at
Once Upon a Crime(1998)Description / Buy at
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes(1999)Description / Buy at
The Best of the American West II(1999)Description / Buy at
Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe(2001)Description / Buy at
Death Dines at 8:30(2001)Description / Buy at
The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 3(2002)Description / Buy at
Murder, My Dear Watson(2002)Description / Buy at
The World\\\'s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 4(2003)Description / Buy at
Cross Plains Universe(2006)Description / Buy at
The Spider Chronicles(2007)Description / Buy at
Many Bloody Returns(2007)Description / Buy at
The Gift of Murder(2009)Description / Buy at
Beat to a Pulp: Round 1(2010)Description / Buy at
Discount Noir(2010)Description / Buy at
Beat to a Pulp: Round 2(2012)Description / Buy at
The Lone Ranger Chronicles(2012)Description / Buy at
Making Story: Twenty-One Writers on How They Plot(2012)Description / Buy at
Wolf Creek: Kiowa Vengeance(2012)Description / Buy at
Showdown at Demon's Drop(2013)Description / Buy at
Wolf Creek: Night of the Assassins(2013)Description / Buy at
Dead But Not Forgotten(2014)Description / Buy at
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890 to 1895(2015)Description / Buy at
Nine Deadly Lives(2015)Description / Buy at
Tales from the Otherverse(2015)Description / Buy at
Sherlock Holmes The Lady on the Bridge and other Stories(2016)Description / Buy at
The Crime Cafe Short Story Anthology(2016)Description / Buy at
Silent Night, Deadly Night(2016)Description / Buy at
The Further Crossovers of Sherlock Holmes(2017)Description / Buy at
Down & Out: The Magazine Volume 1 Issue 2(2017)Description / Buy at
Down and Out the Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 2(2020)Description / Buy at

Notes: The Coyote Connection was written alongside Jack Davis under the house name Nick Carter. The Blackline County Files is co-authored with Judy Crier. The Stanley Waters series is written with Willard Scott. The Carnival of Death is co-authored with Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin. M.I.A. Hunter is co-authored with Stephen Mertz. Houston Homicide was co-authored with Clyde Wilson. The novels Keepers of the Beast, Goodnight Moom, Blood Dreams, Rest in Peace and Just Before Dark were written using the pen name of Jack MacLane.

Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe also contains contributions from Terence Faherty, Wendi Lee and Aileen Schumacher. The Spider Chronicles also contains contributions by Mort Castle, Shannon Denton, Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart, Ron Fortier, Joe Gentile, Rich Harvey, John Helfers and John Jakes. Die, Lover, Die! is co-authored by Max Allan Collins, Lee Goldberg, Joel Goldman, Ed Gorman, Vicki Hendricks, Naomi Hirahara, Paul Levine, Harry Shannon and Dave Zeltserman.

Mississippi Vivian was co-authored by Clyde Wilson.

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