Charlie Higson
Charlie Higson is an English author of a multitude of genres for both adults and young adults. He writes the Young Bond series (he is a major James Bond aficionado) and The Enemy series – both considered YA series, while most of his standalone novels are for adults. Besides being a published author, Charlie is also an actor, comedian and formerly a singer.

Charlie Higson became a published novelist with the novel King of the Ants, which was published in 1992. Below is a list of Charlie Higson’s books in order of when they were first published:

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Publication Order of Young Bond Books

SilverFin (2005)Description / Buy at
Blood Fever (2006)Description / Buy at
Double or Die (2007)Description / Buy at
Hurricane Gold (2007)Description / Buy at
By Royal Command (2008)Description / Buy at
Danger Society (2009)Description / Buy at
Shoot to Kill (By: Steve Cole) (2014)Description / Buy at
Heads You Die (By: Steve Cole) (2016)Description / Buy at
Red Nemesis (By: Steve Cole) (2017)Description / Buy at
A Hard Man To Kill (2018)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Young Bond Graphic Novels

SilverFin: The Graphic Novel (2008)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of James Bond Adventure Books

On His Majesty’s Secret Service (2023)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Enemy Books

Publication Order of Doctor Who Short Stories/Novellas

Time and Relative (By: Kim Newman) (2001)Description / Buy at
Citadel of Dreams (By: Dave Stone) (2002)Description / Buy at
Foreign Devils (By: Andrew Cartmel) (2003)Description / Buy at
Eye of the Tyger (By: Paul J. McAuley) (2003)Description / Buy at
Nightdreamers (By: Tom Arden) (2003)Description / Buy at
Ghost Ship (By: Keith Topping) (2003)Description / Buy at
Rip Tide (By: Louise Cooper) (2003)Description / Buy at
Wonderland (By: Mark Chadbourn) (2003)Description / Buy at
Shell Shock (By: Simon A. Forward) (2003)Description / Buy at
The Cabinet of Light (By: Daniel O'Mahony) (2003)Description / Buy at
Frayed (By: Tara Samms) (2003)Description / Buy at
Fallen Gods (By: Kate Orman,Jonathan Blum) (2003)Description / Buy at
Companion Piece (By: Mike Tucker,Robert Perry) (2003)Description / Buy at
Blood and Hope (By: Iain McLaughlin) (2004)Description / Buy at
The Beast of Babylon (2013)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

King of the Ants (1992)Description / Buy at
Happy Now (1993)Description / Buy at
Full Whack (1995)Description / Buy at
Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen (1996)Description / Buy at
Monstroso (2010)Description / Buy at
Worst. Holiday. Ever (2021)Description / Buy at
Whatever Gets You Through the Night (2023)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Picture Books

Freddy and the Pig (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Doctor Who Books

Doctor Who: Companion Piece (By: Mike Tucker,Colin Midlane,Robert Perry,Allan Bednar) (2003)Description / Buy at
The Dalek Factor (With: Simon Clark) (2004)Description / Buy at
Doctor Who: The Dalek Factor (By: Simon Clark) (2004)Description / Buy at
Script Doctor: The Inside Story of Doctor Who, 1986-89 (By: Andrew Cartmel) (2005)Description / Buy at
Through Time: An Unauthorised and Unofficial History of Doctor Who (By: Andrew Cartmel) (2005)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts Books

A Big Hand for the Doctor (By: Eoin Colfer) (2013)Description / Buy at
The Beast of Babylon (2013)Description / Buy at
The Nameless City (By: Michael Scott) (2013)Description / Buy at
The Spear of Destiny (By: Marcus Sedgwick) (2013)Description / Buy at
The Roots of Evil (By: Philip Reeve) (2013)Description / Buy at
Tip of the Tongue (By: Patrick Ness) (2013)Description / Buy at
Something Borrowed: Sixth Doctor (By: Eoin Colfer,Richelle Mead) (2013)Description / Buy at
Doctor Who (By: Malorie Blackman) (2013)Description / Buy at
Spore (By: Alex Scarrow) (2013)Description / Buy at
The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage: Tenth Doctor (By: Derek Landy) (2013)Description / Buy at
Nothing O'Clock (By: Neil Gaiman) (2013)Description / Buy at
Lights Out (By: Holly Black) (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories(2014)Description / Buy at
Doctor Who: Thirteen Doctors, 13 Stories(2019)Description / Buy at

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Charlie Higson Synopsis: The Beast of Babylon is a 50th Anniversary Doctor Who novella by Charlie Higson. When a girl named Ali finds an orb that has fallen from the sky, she doesn’t realize that it’s her ticket to seeing the universe. Looking to get the orb, the Ninth Doctor agrees to take her along on a trip to Babylon. They must team up to stop a giant Starman from causing destruction to the planet.

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