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Cody McFadyen is an American author of thriller novels. His first series is the Smoky Barrett series. Before becoming a published author, Cody designed websites for a living. He drinks too much coffee, plays guitar badly and is a voracious reader. Cody lives in Southern California with his two black labs (aka “The Black Forces of Destruction”).

Cody McFadyen became a published author in 2006 with the novel Shadow Man. He would follow it up the next year with The Face of Death. Both novels became international bestsellers. Below is a list of Cody McFadyen’s books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Smoky Barrett Books

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Cody McFadyen Synopses: Shadow Man is the first book in Cody McFadyen’s Smoky Barrett series. Smoky once tracked down serial killers for the FBI… until her family was terrified, husband and daughter killed and her face left scarred. Smoky shot him dead, but has never been the same. Now, she sets her sights on getting back in the game.

In The Face of Death (book 2 in the Smoky Barrett series), a 16 year-old girl must talk to Smoky or she’ll put a bullet in her brains. She says a stranger has killed her family, and has followed her for her whole life. But Smoky has her own, more personal, motivations for hunting down this killer.

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  1. Ellen Fisher: 2 years ago

    I have diiscovered your books!!!! I can’t get enough of Smokey. She is so real I can almost see her. I read “Shadow Man” by accident. I live in a small town with an awesome library not to mention the crew there. I am an avid reader and love exploring new authors, specially in this formant… I like to read from 1st book and was extremely lucky as Micael at our library, has ordered the books in order of publication. Please keep writing when you can. I am looking forward to picking up my books that have been ordered through our library services with local libraians. Thank you again for the magnificent story of Smokey. Be safe and be happy and don’t forget to cuddle your destructors.


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