Diane Mott Davidson is an American novelist who writes food-themed mystery novels. Davidson got the idea to use food themes from Robert B. Parker. Inside each book, you’ll be able to find several recipes to help bring the food theme to life. Davidson lived across the hall from Hillary Clinton when she was studying political science at Wellesley College.

Davidson has yet to venture outside of her Goldy Schulz series. Her first novel, Catering to Nobody was published in 1990. Below is a list of Diane Mott Davidson’s novels in publication order and chronological order:

Publication Order of Goldy Schulz Books

Catering to Nobody (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Dying for Chocolate (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Cereal Murders (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Last Suppers (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Killer Pancake (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Main Corpse (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Grilling Season (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Prime Cut (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Tough Cookie (2000)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Sticks & Scones (2001)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Chopping Spree (2002)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Double Shot (2004)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Dark Tort (2006)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Sweet Revenge (2008)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Fatally Flaky (2009)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Crunch Time (2011)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Whole Enchilada (2013)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Goldy Schulz Non-Fiction Books

Goldy's Kitchen Cookbook (2015)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

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9 Responses to “Order of Diane Mott Davidson Books”

  1. Ellen S. Albig: 2 years ago

    I would love a new Goldy book. She was just starting a new chapter in her life. What happens next?


    • Dee Gremminger: 3 months ago

      Has something happened to Diane? We miss her wonderful story telling.


  2. outspokenannie: 3 years ago

    is there going to be another goldy book? or is the series ended


  3. Patricia B.: 3 years ago

    Yes. I’m missing Goldy and waiting for a new book. Re-reading all the books as I try to wait patiently.


  4. Sarah Loughran: 4 years ago

    I need a New GOldy


  5. jan Lauterbach: 5 years ago

    I need a new book. I miss Goldy. Please 🙂


  6. Celeste Yakawonis: 6 years ago

    Please give us a new book!


  7. Patricia McClellan: 7 years ago

    We need a new book, Diane! PLEASE


  8. Suzanne: 8 years ago

    Diane Mott Davidson is an artist when it comes to description- her similes and metaphors are very creative and vivid. She doesnt’t mess around at the beginning of her mysteries- she draws you right in. If you love food, recipes, Colorado and an entertaining mystery, you’ll like her books.


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