kim-slaterKim Slater lives in Nottingham with a Masters in Creative Writing. Her debut Young Adult novel Smart was published in 2014 and in February 2015 was put on the long list for the 2015 Carnegie Medal, one of 91 books nominated for this prestigious award.

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Marked Territory (2020)Description / Buy at
Dangerous Territory (2020)Description / Buy at
Sticky Territory (2020)Description / Buy at

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Smart (2014)Description / Buy at
A Seven Letter Word (2016)Description / Buy at
Safe with Me (As: K.L. Slater) (2016)Description / Buy at
Blink (As: K.L. Slater) (2017)Description / Buy at
928 Miles from Home (2017)Description / Buy at
Liar (As:K.L. Slater) (2017)Description / Buy at
The Mistake (As:K.L. Slater) (2017)Description / Buy at
The Boy Who Lied (2018)Description / Buy at
The Visitor (As:K.L. Slater) (2018)Description / Buy at
The Secret (As:K.L. Slater) (2018)Description / Buy at
Closer (As:K.L. Slater) (2018)Description / Buy at
Finding Grace (As: K.L. Slater) (2019)Description / Buy at
The Silent Ones (As:K.L. Slater) (2019)Description / Buy at
Single (As:K.L. Slater) (2019)Description / Buy at
The Apartment (As: K.L. Slater) (2020)Description / Buy at
Little Whispers (As:K.L. Slater) (2020)Description / Buy at
The Girl She Wanted / Dear Daughter (As:K.L. Slater) (2020)Description / Buy at
The Marriage (As:K.L. Slater) (2021)Description / Buy at
The Evidence (As: K.L. Slater) (2021)Description / Buy at
The Widow (As: K.L. Slater) (2021)Description / Buy at
Missing (As: K.L. Slater) (2022)Description / Buy at
The Girlfriend (As: K.L. Slater) (2022)Description / Buy at
The Bedroom Window (As: K.L. Slater) (2023)Description / Buy at
Husband and Wife (As: K.L. Slater) (2023)Description / Buy at

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(as K.L. Slater)

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Kim Slater Synopsis: Smart is a debut for Kim Slater. Kieran is a master at observation and detective tricks, he vows to find out what happened to his grandma who seemed to just stop coming over. Kieran also vows to find out what happened to his friend Colin Kirk, just because he was homeless doesn’t mean he didn’t want to live. Kieran has obstacles to overcome both inside his home and outside.

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