Mary Daheim is an American author of historical romance and cozy mystery novels. Before becoming a novelist, Mary worked as a journalist and in public relations. She is a prolific author, best known for her Bed-and-Breakfast and Emma Lord mysteries.

Mary Daheim became a published author in 1983 with the historical romance standalone title Love’s Pirate. She would shift into mysteries in the early 90’s. Below is a list of Mary Daheim’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Frasers Books

The Royal Mile / Love's Pirate (1983)Description / Buy at
Gosford's Daughter / Passion's Triumph (1988)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries Books

(with Carolyn Hart)

Just Desserts (1991)Description / Buy at
Fowl Prey (1991)Description / Buy at
Holy Terrors (1992)Description / Buy at
Dune to Death (1993)Description / Buy at
Bantam of the Opera (1993)Description / Buy at
A Fit of Tempera (1994)Description / Buy at
Major Vices (1995)Description / Buy at
Murder, My Suite (1995)Description / Buy at
Auntie Mayhem (1996)Description / Buy at
Nutty as a Fruitcake (1996)Description / Buy at
September Mourn (1997)Description / Buy at
Wed and Buried (1998)Description / Buy at
Snow Place to Die (1998)Description / Buy at
Legs Benedict (1998)Description / Buy at
Creeps Suzette (2000)Description / Buy at
A Streetcar Named Expire (2001)Description / Buy at
Suture Self (2001)Description / Buy at
Silver Scream (2002)Description / Buy at
Hocus Croakus (2003)Description / Buy at
This Old Souse (2004)Description / Buy at
Dead Man Docking (2005)Description / Buy at
Saks & Violins (2006)Description / Buy at
Scots on the Rocks (2007)Description / Buy at
Vi Agra Falls (2008)Description / Buy at
Loco Motive (2010)Description / Buy at
All the Pretty Hearses (2011)Description / Buy at
The Wurst Is Yet to Come (2012)Description / Buy at
Gone with the Win (2013)Description / Buy at
Clam Wake (2014)Description / Buy at
Here Comes the Bribe (2015)Description / Buy at
A Case of Bier (2018)Description / Buy at
Lady MacDeath (2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Emma Lord Books

The Alpine Advocate (1992)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Betrayal (1993)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Christmas (1993)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Decoy (1994)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Escape (1995)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Fury (1995)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Gamble (1996)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Hero (1996)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Icon (1997)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Journey (1998)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Kindred (1998)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Legacy (1999)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Menace (2000)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Nemesis (2001)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Obituary (2002)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Pursuit (2004)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Quilt (2005)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Recluse (2006)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Scandal (2007)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Traitor (2008)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Uproar (2009)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Vengeance (2010)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Winter (2011)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Xanadu (2013)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Yeoman (2014)Description / Buy at
The Alpine Zen (2015)Description / Buy at
Alpha Alpine (2017)Description / Buy at
Bitter Alpine (2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Destiny's Pawn (1984)Description / Buy at
Pride's Captive / Reunion (1986)Description / Buy at
King's Ransom (1990)Description / Buy at
Improbable Eden (1991)Description / Buy at
Gypsy Baron (1992)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Love At Stake Books

(with Dana Cameron, Cait London, Lori Avocato, Kerrelyn Sparks, Mary Dahiem, Suzanne Macpherson)

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2005)Description / Buy at
Vamps and the City (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2006)Description / Buy at
Sugarplums and Scandal (With: Dana Cameron,Cait London,Lori Avocato,Kerrelyn Sparks,Mary Dahiem,Suzanne Macpherson) (2006)Description / Buy at
Be Still My Vampire Heart (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2007)Description / Buy at
The Undead Next Door (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2008)Description / Buy at
All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2008)Description / Buy at
Secret Life of a Vampire (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2009)Description / Buy at
Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2009)Description / Buy at
The Vampire and the Virgin (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2010)Description / Buy at
Eat Prey Love (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2010)Description / Buy at
Vampire Mine (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2011)Description / Buy at
A Very Vampy Christmas (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2011)Description / Buy at
Sexiest Vampire Alive (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2011)Description / Buy at
Wanted: Undead or Alive (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2012)Description / Buy at
Wild About You (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2012)Description / Buy at
The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2013)Description / Buy at
How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2014)Description / Buy at
Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (By: Kerrelyn Sparks) (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

Murder, They Wrote(1997)Description / Buy at
Malice Domestic 8(1999)Description / Buy at
Motherhood Is Murder(2003)Description / Buy at

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  1. denece cole: 10 years ago

    I love these books.I hope she keeps writing more books in both her alpine and bed and breakfast series


  2. Van Hess: 10 years ago

    I’m reading Alpine Yeoman right now and will be disappointed when we get to “Z” – can you continue series with #s? Love Emma Lord and her Alpine friends.


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