Michael Robotham is an Australian novelist of crime fiction. He worked as a journalist for Fairfax Press before ghostwriting autobiographies for athletes, artists and military figures in the UK. After returning to Australia in 1996, Michael began writing full-time. Most of his novels feature his Joseph O’Loughlin character and all of them feature Vincent Ruiz – either as a main character or as a bit player.

Michael became a published fiction author in 2004 with his debut novel The Suspect. Below is a list of Michael Robotham’s books in order of when they were originally published (and in chronological order when necessary):

Publication Order of Joseph O'Loughlin Books

The Suspect (2004)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Lost / The Drowning Man (2005)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Shatter / The Sleep of Reason (2008)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Bleed for Me (2010)Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Wreckage (2011)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Say You're Sorry (2012)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Watching You (2013)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Close Your Eyes (2015)Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Other Wife (2018)Amazon US | Amazon UK

Publication Order of Cyrus Haven Books

Good Girl, Bad Girl (2019)Amazon US | Amazon UK
When She Was Good (2020)Amazon US | Amazon UK

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Night Ferry (2007)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Bombproof (2008)Amazon US | Amazon UK
Life or Death (2014)Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Secrets She Keeps (2017)Amazon US | Amazon UK
When You Are Mine (2021)Amazon US | Amazon UK

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

If I Tell You... I'll Have to Kill You (2013)Amazon US | Amazon UK

Notes: Lost was also published as The Drowning Man. Shatter was also published as The Sleep of Reason.

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  1. norman: 4 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed Life or Death, excellent read and superbly written


  2. Linda/Maui: 5 years ago

    Just finished Close Your Eyes, couldn’t put it down. Read in 2 days. Now I need to read the rest of the series.


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