Alice Quentin is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by English novelist Kate Rhodes. Alice Quentin is a London psychologist who comes with some painful family baggage.

Kate Rhodes began her Alice Quentin series in 2012 with the novel Crossbones Yard. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Kate Rhodes’ Alice Quentin books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Alice Quentin Books

Crossbones Yard(2012)Description / Buy at
A Killing of Angels(2013)Description / Buy at
The Winter Foundlings(2014)Description / Buy at
River of Souls / The Girl in the River(2014)Description / Buy at
Blood Symmetry(2016)Description / Buy at
Fatal Harmony(2018)Description / Buy at

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Alice Quentin Synopses: Crossbones Yard is the first Alice Quentin novel by Kate Rhodes. Enjoying a successful career in London in spite of painful family secrets, psychologist Alice Quentin stumbles on a murder scene that closely resembles the work of two imprisoned murderers, a case that prompts her recruitment by police and places her life and loved ones at risk.

A Killing of Angels by Kate Rhodes is the second Alice Quentin novel. The avenging angel leaves behind a scattering of feathers with each body – but why these victims? What were their sins? Psychologist Alice Quentin only agrees to help out on the case because she owes Detective Don Burns a favour. But soon she finds herself deep in the toxic heart of the Square Mile – a place where money means more than life, and no one can be counted innocent.

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