Brian Robeson by Gary Paulsen
The Brian Robeson series is a series of YA coming-of-age/adventure novels by American novelist Gary Paulsen. On a visit to see his dad, Brian Robeson is the lone passenger in a plane crash. The pilot dies and so Brian must fend for himself. The novel was adapted to the film A Cry in the Wild. The series is also known as Hatchet and Brian’s Saga.

Gary Paulsen began the Brian Robeson series in 1987 with Hatchet, which won the Newbery Honor Award for that year. The novel includes an alternate ending, which is picked up upon with the second sequel, Brian’s Winter. The series lasted five novels, concluding with 2003’s Brian’s Hunt. Below is a list of Gary Paulsen’s Brian Robeson books in order of when they were first released:

Publication Order of Brian Robeson Books

Hatchet(1986)Description / Buy at
The River / The Return(1991)Description / Buy at
Brian's Winter / Winter(1996)Description / Buy at
Brian's Return / The Call(1999)Description / Buy at
Brian's Hunt(2003)Description / Buy at

Notes: The River is also known as The Return. Brian’s Winter is also titled Hatchet: Winter. Brian’s Return was also published as Hatchet: The Call.

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Brian Robeson/Hatchet Synopses: In Hatchet, Brian Robeson was the sole passenger on a Cessna 406 when the small plane crashed in the Canadian wilderness. He’s got nothing but his clothes, a windbreaker and a hatchet he got as a present – completely alone. Now, he must control his inner demons in order to survive.

In The River (aka The Return), it has been two years since Brian survived 54 days in the wilderness. Now the government wants him to go back so he can teach astronauts and the military how to survive in the wilderness. However, the plan backfires and now Brian and a wounded partner must navigate a long river. He must now build a raft and find his way to a trading post a hundred miles away – if his map is accurate.

Brian’s Winter begins where Hatchet might have ended. Instead of Brian being rescued, he must survive a deadly Canadian winter.

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  1. Lily: 10 years ago

    I have read Hatchet and the River and they were great! Right now I am reading Brian’s Winter, I am on the 8th page! Can’t wait to read the whole series!


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