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Gary Paulsen is an American author of young adult and children’s books, including adventure, western, coming-of-age, non-fiction and more. He is a prolific author with over 200 books in print, plus 200 short stories and magazine articles and many plays. A common theme to his work is the wilderness and survivalist tactics. Some of his most popular books are his Brian Robeson/Hatchet books, but he also writes several other series, including the Francis Tucket, Murphy, World of Adventure, Tales to Tickle the Funnybone, Duncan Culpepper and more.

Gary Paulsen became a published author in 1966 with the novel The Special War. He has won the Newbery Honor Book Award, Northeastern Minnesota Book Award, Sequoyah Book Award, Golden Spur Award Award and the Margaret Edwards Award. Below is a list of Gary Paulsen’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Francis Tucket Books

Mr. Tucket / Chance for Escape (1994)Description / Buy at
Call Me Francis Tucket (1995)Description / Buy at
Tucket's Ride (1997)Description / Buy at
Tucket's Home (1998)Description / Buy at
Tucket's Gold (1999)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Lt. Ronnie Gold Books

Publication Order of Brian Robeson Books

Hatchet (1986)Description / Buy at
The River / The Return (1991)Description / Buy at
Brian's Winter / Winter (1996)Description / Buy at
Brian's Return / The Call (1999)Description / Buy at
Brian's Hunt (2003)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Murphy Books

Murphy (1987)Description / Buy at
Murphy's Gold (1988)Description / Buy at
Murphy's Herd (1989)Description / Buy at
Murphy's War (1990)Description / Buy at
Murphy's Stand (With: Brian Burks) (1993)Description / Buy at
Murphy's Ambush (With: Brian Burks) (1995)Description / Buy at
Murphy's Trail (With: Brian Burks) (1996)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Tales to Tickle the Funnybone Books

The Boy Who Owned the School (1990)Description / Buy at
Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered (1993)Description / Buy at
The Schernoff Discoveries (1997)Description / Buy at
The Glass Cafe (2003)Description / Buy at
Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day (2004)Description / Buy at
The Amazing Life of Birds: The Twenty-Day Puberty Journal of Duane Homer Leech (2006)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Alida Books

Publication Order of Duncan Culpepper Books

The Case of the Dirty Bird (1992)Description / Buy at
Dunc's Doll (1992)Description / Buy at
Culpepper's Cannon (1992)Description / Buy at
Dunc Gets Tweaked (1992)Description / Buy at
Dunc's Halloween (1992)Description / Buy at
Dunc Breaks the Record (1992)Description / Buy at
Dunc and the Flaming Ghost (1992)Description / Buy at
Amos Gets Famous (1992)Description / Buy at
Dunc and Amos Hit the Big Top (1993)Description / Buy at
Dunc's Dump (1993)Description / Buy at
Dunc and the Scam Artists (1993)Description / Buy at
Dunc and Amos and the Red Tattoos (1993)Description / Buy at
Dunc's Undercover Christmas (1993)Description / Buy at
Dunc and the Haunted Castle (1993)Description / Buy at
Cowpokes and Desperados (1993)Description / Buy at
The Wild Culpepper Cruise (1993)Description / Buy at
Prince Amos (1994)Description / Buy at
Coach Amos (1994)Description / Buy at
Amos and the Alien (1994)Description / Buy at
Dunc and Amos Meet the Slasher (1994)Description / Buy at
Dunc and the Greased Sticks of Doom (1994)Description / Buy at
Amos's Killer Concert Caper (1994)Description / Buy at
Amos Gets Married (1995)Description / Buy at
Amos Goes Bananas (1996)Description / Buy at
Dunc and Amos Go to the Dogs (1996)Description / Buy at
Amos and the Vampire (1996)Description / Buy at
Amos and the Chameleon Caper (1996)Description / Buy at
Amos Binder, Secret Agent (1996)Description / Buy at
Dunc and Amos on Thin Ice (1997)Description / Buy at
Super Amos (1997)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Nightjohn Books

Publication Order of World Of Adventure Books

The Legend of Red Horse Cavern (1994)Description / Buy at
Rodomonte's Revenge / Video Trap (1994)Description / Buy at
Escape from Fire Mountain (1994)Description / Buy at
The Rock Jockeys / Devil's Wall (1995)Description / Buy at
The Gorgon Slayer (1995)Description / Buy at
Hook 'Em Snotty (1995)Description / Buy at
Danger on Midnight River (1995)Description / Buy at
Captive! (1995)Description / Buy at
Project: A Perfect World / Perfect Danger (1996)Description / Buy at
The Treasure of El Patron / Treasure Ship (1996)Description / Buy at
Skydive! (1996)Description / Buy at
The Seventh Crystal (1996)Description / Buy at
The Creature of Black Water Lake (1997)Description / Buy at
Time Benders (1997)Description / Buy at
Grizzly (1997)Description / Buy at
Thunder Valley (1997)Description / Buy at
Curse of the Ruins (1998)Description / Buy at
Flight of the Hawk (1998)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Lawn Boy Books

Publication Order of Theory, Practice and Destructive Properties Of...Books

Publication Order of Road Trip Books

(with Jim Paulsen)

Publication Order of Liar, Liar Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Some Birds Don't Fly (1968)Description / Buy at
Winterkill (1976)Description / Buy at
The Implosion Effect (1976)Description / Buy at
The Death Specialists (1976)Description / Buy at
The Foxman (1977)Description / Buy at
Tiltawhirl John / Tasting the Thunder (1977)Description / Buy at
The Golden Stick (1977)Description / Buy at
CB Jockey / The C.B. Radio Caper (1977)Description / Buy at
The Curse of the Cobra (1977)Description / Buy at
The Green Recruit (1978)Description / Buy at
Tracker (1978)Description / Buy at
The Night the White Deer Died (1978)Description / Buy at
Meteorite Track 291 (1979)Description / Buy at
The Spitball Gang (1980)Description / Buy at
Compkill (1981)Description / Buy at
Dancing Carl (1983)Description / Buy at
Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights (1983)Description / Buy at
Dogsong (1985)Description / Buy at
Sentries (1986)Description / Buy at
The Crossing (1987)Description / Buy at
The Island (1988)Description / Buy at
The Voyage of the Frog (1989)Description / Buy at
The Winter Room (1989)Description / Buy at
Night Rituals (1989)Description / Buy at
Kill Fee (1990)Description / Buy at
Canyons (1990)Description / Buy at
The Monument (1991)Description / Buy at
The Haymeadow / The Fourteenth Summer (1992)Description / Buy at
Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass (1992)Description / Buy at
A Christmas Sonata (1992)Description / Buy at
Sisters/Hermanas (1993)Description / Buy at
Tasting the Thunder (1993)Description / Buy at
The Car (1994)Description / Buy at
The Tent (1995)Description / Buy at
The Rifle (1995)Description / Buy at
Ice Race (1997)Description / Buy at
The Transall Saga / Blue Light (1998)Description / Buy at
Soldier's Heart (1998)Description / Buy at
The White Fox Chronicles / White Fox (2000)Description / Buy at
The Beet Fields (2000)Description / Buy at
The Time Hackers (2005)Description / Buy at
The Legend of Bass Reeves (2006)Description / Buy at
Notes from the Dog (2009)Description / Buy at
Mudshark (2009)Description / Buy at
Woods Runner (2009)Description / Buy at
Masters of Disaster (2011)Description / Buy at
This Side of Wild (2015)Description / Buy at
Six Kids and a Stuffed Cat (2016)Description / Buy at
Fishbone's Song (2016)Description / Buy at
Gone to the Woods: Surviving a Lost Childhood (2021)Description / Buy at
How to Train Your Dad (2021)Description / Buy at
Northwind (2022)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Picture Books

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

All Aboard Stage 5 Traditional Tales (1998)Description / Buy at
Paintings from the Cave (2011)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Building a New, Buying an Old, Remodeling a Used Home/Shelter How-to-Do-It Book (1976)Description / Buy at
Martin Luther King, the Man Who Climbed the Mountain (1976)Description / Buy at
The Small Ones (1976)Description / Buy at
Hitting, Pitching, and Running--Maybe (1976)Description / Buy at
Dribbling, Shooting, and Scoring--Sometimes (1976)Description / Buy at
Riding, Roping, and Bulldogging--Almost (1977)Description / Buy at
Farm: A History and Celebration of the American Farmer (1977)Description / Buy at
Tackling, Running, and Kicking - Now and Again (1977)Description / Buy at
Forehanding and Backhanding--If You're Lucky (1978)Description / Buy at
Hiking and Backpacking (1978)Description / Buy at
Successful Home Repair (1978)Description / Buy at
Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting (1979)Description / Buy at
Downhill, Hotdogging, and Cross-Country If the Snow Isn't Sticky (1979)Description / Buy at
Full of Hot Air / Launching, Floating High and Landing (1979)Description / Buy at
Track, Enduro, and Motocross--Unless You Fall Over (1979)Description / Buy at
Pummeling, Falling, and Getting Up Sometimes (1979)Description / Buy at
Athletics (1980)Description / Buy at
Ice Hockey (1980)Description / Buy at
Motor Cycling (1980)Description / Buy at
Skiing (1980)Description / Buy at
Tennis (1980)Description / Buy at
Sailing (1981)Description / Buy at
Money Saving Home Repair Guide (1981)Description / Buy at
Beat the System (1982)Description / Buy at
Woodsong (1990)Description / Buy at
Eastern Sun, Winter Moon (1993)Description / Buy at
Madonna Stories (1993)Description / Buy at
Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod (1994)Description / Buy at
Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers (1996)Description / Buy at
My Life in Dog Years (1997)Description / Buy at
Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride / Zero to Sixty (1997)Description / Buy at
Caught by the Sea: My Life on Boats (2001)Description / Buy at
Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books (2001)Description / Buy at
How Angel Peterson Got His Name and Other Outrageous Tales About Extreme Sports (2003)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Laurel-Leaf Books

The Day They Came to Arrest the Book (By: Nat Hentoff) (1982)Description / Buy at
Living Up the Street (By: Gary Soto) (1985)Description / Buy at
Father Water, Mother Woods (1994)Description / Buy at
The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman (By: Louise Plummer) (1995)Description / Buy at
Ghost Boy (By: Iain Lawrence) (2000)Description / Buy at
The Jumping Tree (By: René Saldaña Jr.) (2009)Description / Buy at
Under the Mermaid Angel (By: Martha Moore) (2009)Description / Buy at

Notes: Mr. Tucket was also published as Chance for Escape. The River is also known as The Return. Brian’s Winter is also titled Hatchet: Winter. Brian’s Return was also published as Hatchet: The Call. The final three Murphy books were co-authored by Brian Burks. The Green Recruit was co-authored by Ray Peekner. Road Trip and Field Trip were co-authored with Jim Paulsen. T.V. and Movie Animals was co-authored by Art Browne, Jr.

Rodomonte’s Revenge was also published as Video Trap. The Rock Jockeys was also published as Devil’s Wall. Project: A Perfect World was also published as Perfect Danger. The Treasure of El Patron is also known as Treasure Ship. Tiltawhirl John is also known as Tasting the Thunder. The Haymeadow is also known as The Fourteenth Summer. The Transall Saga is also known as Blue Light.

If You Like Gary Paulsen Books, You’ll Love…

Gary Paulsen Synopses: Paintings from the Cave is a collection of three novels by Gary Paulsen. The novellas are each centered around a 12 year-old. Jake lives in a violent neighbourhood where fear is more common than a good morning greeting, but when he meets the neighbourhood sculptor, he learns of a whole new world. Jojo is not very close to her family, but is very close to her three dogs. When she tries to help a friend out, the dogs know how to help. Jamie and older brother Eric are alone in the world, but Jamie has a way with art and dogs that will lead them down the right path.

Dogteam is a prose poem in the form of a picture book, written by Gary Paulsen and illustrated by Ruth Wright Paulsen. In it, a team of dogs take the reader on a ride through the snow, in and out of the woods. And you’ll wish this ride will never end.

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