Castle of the Hidden Grotto by Louisa Burton Patricia Ryan
The Castle of the Hidden Grotto is a series of erotica by American author Louisa Burton (Patricia Ryan). The Castle of the Hidden Grotto is a “voluptuous sanctuary of pleasure and passion” in the form of an ancient castle that is located in a deep mountain valley in the middle of the French countryside. Those who enter the Castle of the Hidden Grotto will lose themselves in a world full of mystery, temptation and sensuality.

Louisa Burton began her Castle of the Hidden Grotto series in 2007 in House of the Dark Delights. The series lasted four novels, concluding in 2009 with In the Garden of Sin. Beliw is a list of Louisa Burton’s Hidden Grotto series in order of when the books were originally published:

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Publication Order of Hidden Grotto Books

House of Dark Delights(2007)Description / Buy at
Bound in Moonlight(2007)Description / Buy at
Whispers of the Flesh(2008)Description / Buy at
In the Garden of Sin(2009)Description / Buy at

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Castle of the Hidden Grotto Synopsis: House of Dark Delights is the first book in Louisa Burton’s Hidden Grotto series. In the middle of rural France lies an infamous castle that brings its guests in with the promise that their most erotic fantasy can come true. Inside the castle lives beautiful and reclusive immortals with the sole purpose of satisfying any of their guests desires in order to satisfy their own.

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